Product Spotlight: AppVision the open and convergent PSIM platform

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Developed by Prysm Software, a French based company, AppVision is a PSIM platform for security, safety and building management systems


AppVision is an open-architecture control-command platform. It enables to manage fire and security systems (video, access control, intrusion, intercom, analytics, etc.), building management and SCADA systems, third-party applications, cybersecurity tools and new technologies (drones, robotics and Big Data) in a single interface.

The first version of AppVision was released in 1998. Since that date more than 5.000 licenses have been sold and implemented in more than 40 countries worldwide, 2/3 of them are still active. AppVision integrates all the standard functionalities of a PSIM: a high-level ergonomic graphic interface that makes it easy to implement, an advanced alarm manager integrating workflows, architectures to meet all project sizes and types, a powerful tool for creating synoptic supporting all types of plans and GIS mapping, a link engine to create interaction between systems, etc. In addition, it includes options such as notification by email or SMS, statistics, a scenario engine, recording client workstations, audio management (SIP) and much more.

However, some characteristics make AppVision different in the PSIM market. First of all, our platform AppVision is open: 100% customisable in full autonomy by partners. It is also convergent: any system or application including a communication protocol can be integrated. Our solution as a real capacity of integration with more than 200 drivers already developed by us and our partners. Thus, end-users avoid vendors lock-in. In addition, AppVision is scalable: the same application can be used to supervise from a dozen to hundreds of thousands of devices. Furthermore, our platform gives our partners the possibility to develop and market their own OEM version without additional fees. Our modules, AppControl and AppMaintenance significantly differentiate us as well.

AppControl is a complete access control management software designed to manage multiple proprietary systems in one interface. AppMaintenance offers the capacity to efficiently manage preventive and curative maintenance of the systems. Finally, AppVision is a solution in its own right thanks to our smart pricing which leads to competitive solutions. All these game changers give our partners the possibility to fit end-users needs and requests and so create added value and return on investment. They also maximise their business development by adapting AppVision to the vertical markets they target.

Our partners and end-users can sleep soundly. Indeed, we are focused on the development of AppVision, the associated transfer of skills through training and technical support. We never compete with our partners since they are in charge to carry out projects, not us. On the other hand, end-users have the guarantee that their version of AppVision is not a specific one that can only be maintained and modified by us. 

Thanks to its intuitive configuration tool, AppVision deployment and configuration can be performed by a very large number of people, not only by a circle of insiders. And most importantly, in total independence from Prysm Software. Our specific business model has naturally led to the creation of a community gathering more than 160 partners around the world. This AppVision community has now its own space where members can directly communicate and find support for their challenges.

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, whatever the vertical market you are addressing, AppVision guarantees a high level of return on investment thanks to its capacity of integration and customisation.


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