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A home burglary occurs every 164 seconds in the UK. Every day, hundreds of people deal with the financial and emotional toll of someone breaking and entering their property. Yet 42% of people still don’t lock their doors or windows while in the home!

With so many of us starting our business ventures from the comfort of our own home, it is more important than ever to ensure the safety and protection of our assets. But are alarm systems the only method to protect your business from a burglary?

Alarm systems

Alarm systems are the traditional method most people think of when it comes to securing their home and the important pieces inside – and this is no different for your business. There are many alarm designs available which let you know when someone has entered the property.

These systems, however, are not foolproof and can be bypassed or even ignored by the intruder. While these are helpful alerts of intruders, they can do little to stop the event aside from dissuading potential burglars. And so many people could have little faith in this design of protection.

Doubling-up on security styles could be an answer to your burglary worries rather than relying on a deterrent.

Protection dogs

One answer to your worries could be your own protection dog. Security dogs are a fantastic way of securing your assets in your own home without reliance on technology – which some people might have little faith in.

Security dogs are highly trained to detect intruders, alert their owner, and even to protect against burglary. Not only are they deterrents as their size and threatening bark can scare off even the bravest intruders, but their training means they are prepared for these moments. If they’re good enough for some of England’s top footballers, then they can be good enough for you!

Finding a reliable security company with security insurance is a must to help you cover the worries of burglary.

Anti-theft technology

You can even stop intruders before they even reach the front door. Your first line of defence is your garden and outside areas. Anti-theft technology, such as anti-climb paint, can help you protect your home even against determined intruders with minimal installation needed. All it takes is a simple coat!

Anti-climb paint turns the thin layer of its surface into a liquid when pressure is applied. This means that intruders will have difficult getting a grip or foothold while trying to scale your walls and will have difficult entering your home.

It also covers the intruder in the paint, making them highly distinguishable if they try to make an unwarranted entry. While this method might not be a good procedure on its own, it could be the first-step defence to prevent people from entering your home.


Sometimes, no matter the deterrent and procedures you have in place, burglaries still happen. In this unfortunate event, the best thing you can do is guarantee that you are covered for any loss or damages, so your home-run business doesn’t take a hit.

As a business, you will already have some form of insurance in place, such as public liability insurance or even employer’s insurance if you have employees outside of your family members. But making sure you are protected against burglaries is also important.

If you are worried about trusting your security to an in-home alarm system, finding alternative methods can boost your confidence that your home will not become one of many being burgled. Whether you are choosing to purchase a highly trained protection dog to look after your in-home equipment or painting your walls to provide an extra step between you and intruders, securing the safety of your business, your home, and your family is paramount.

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