US kill top Iranian military commander via drone strike

An escalation of a war of words between the US and Iran could bring the entire world to the brink of war following the death of top Iranian military commander General Qasem Soleimani in a targeted attack by a drone strike in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The drone strike by the US on the general, who was strongly believed to be the second in command of the country, was carried

Cyber attacks from US-based IP addresses highest in 3 years

The US serves as a major source of hostile activity, due to the ease of provisioning and low cost of US cloud hosting services Cyber attacks from US-based IP addresses have increased for the third consecutive year, making the US a major source of hostile cyber activity. That’s according to the NTT 2016 Global Threat Intelligence Report published today. The annual Report contains security threats gathered during 2015 from 8,000

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