Big interview – Hartmut Schaper

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Security Buyer catches up exclusively Hartmut Schaper, CEO for Azena to discover the importance of actionable intelligence

1. Why has your organisation rebranded under the name ‘Azena’? 

We first entered the market in 2018 under the name of Security & Safety Things and have since changed our names to Azena, officially rebranding in the fall of 2021. We found that Security & Safety Things was long and at times confusing. The Azena name, however, underscores our company’s corporate goals and our fast-growing, leading-edge smart camera platform. Looking to the future, we are focused on redefining video analytics. With our growing slate of global customer and partner collaborations and expanding geographic coverage, Azena will continue to increase the value of our platform for systems integrators and end customers. 

2. Why is it important to be open platform? 

One size fits all solutions often do not work effectively when applied across different markets. OurThe open-source platform is built on the approach that the best security systems are grounded in collaboration. This enables developers across the board to contribute to the app store and, as a result, has produced more than 100 applications that serve various use cases, a number that is consistently growing. For end users, this means better flexibility and convenience to implement tailor-made solutions for their specific security needs as well as actionable insights. For example, many manufacturing facilities require employees to wear protective clothing, and AI-enabled smart cameras can identify specific incidents of missing safety goggles or other protective gear and create an alert – preventing a dangerous event before it can occur.  

3. How does the Azena platform turn data into actionable intelligence?  

The Azena platform enables cameras to function as intelligent sensors, using AI-enabled video analytics to search for and analyze almost anything the camera can see. These analytics, which are packaged in the form of apps, are sold through our Application Store. The apps can be used to analyze events in the camera’s field of view to proactively notify security staff or operations staff of anomalies in real time, for example automatically detecting a large and rowdy crowd gathering after a football match or if an employee is wearing the appropriate safety equipment before entering the manufacturing floor prior to their shift.  

4. Can you share some specific examples? 

One of my favorite examples is actually an aquaculture customer who is using the cameras on our platform to detect seabirds swooping down over their large pens of farmed salmon, and the cameras trigger laser beams and acoustic deterrents to scare them off without harming. This is a great example of how data generated by smart cameras can be used to drive automation for more efficiency. 

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