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Freshworks Inc., a software company empowering the people who power business, announced today that cryptocurrency exchange giant, BitOasis, implemented Freshworks solutions Freshdesk and Freshchat to help manage a large increase in customer queries due to the demand for information about digital currencies.

BitOasis is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the Middle East and North Africa with a presence in 14 countries, making them a hotspot for customer usage and questions, especially in the volatile market of cryptocurrency. With the challenging macro conditions for crypto investment, daily customer interactions with the BitOasis chatbot surged from approximately 300 to nearly 3,000 this year.

“The dip in the cryptocurrency market left many users feeling uncertain and wanting immediate answers,” said Silvia Gomez, Director of Customer Experience at BitOasis. “Our queries increased dramatically because customers wanted the assurance that BitOasis would continue operations since so many other exchanges across the globe have vanished.”

With an increase in customer queries, BitOasis needed a faster way to respond to its large customer base efficiently, that would delight its customers and customer service agents. In order to achieve these goals, the company selected both Freshdesk support software and Freshchat conversational messaging software.

BitOasis created a ticketing system using Freshdesk to help support agents prioritize and collaborate to respond to customer questions quickly. Adding Freshchat enabled the customer service team to incorporate Whatsapp into the company’s troubleshooting abilities. The BitOasis bot – an intelligent bot built using the Freshchat AI chatbot – now handles more than 50% of customer queries over WhatsApp which enables live agents to focus on responding to queries that need human intervention.

“Freshworks’ solutions are easy to use, adaptable and seamless,” said Gomez. “Our agents can now handle the increasing amount of customer queries coming in and our Freshdesk data organization strategy sets us up for further chatbot automation if needed in the future. Our customers know we are here for them and that’s what matters most to us.”

“In today’s fast-paced tech world, organizations need to keep up with their customers in real-time,” said Pradeep Rathinam, Chief Customer Officer at Freshworks. “With Freshworks, BitOasis can delight their customers using personalized and responsive conversational support, resulting in more efficient agents, faster resolution times and, ultimately, happier customers.”

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