Brighton & Hove City choose Freedoor and Dorgard

Brighton & Hove City
Brighton & Hove City

Brighton & Hove City Council has chosen wireless Freedor electrically powered free-swing door closers and Dorgard wireless fire door retainers to enhance access and protect staff and visitors to a number of the City’s libraries.

The Freedors and Dorgards have been installed on staff kitchen doors and fire door access routes throughout library buildings. The Council says it is very pleased with their performance, as they allow high-use fire doors to be kept open with the reassurance of knowing that the doors will close automatically in the event of a fire emergency.

Installed at the top of the door, Freedor is a unique wireless solution that allows users to hold open fire doors at any angle, automatically closing them when the fire alarm sounds to prevent the spread of fire and smoke around the building.

Freedor is neat, unobtrusive and easy to install in new buildings and retrofit, with none of the expense and disruption to occupants or the building associated with the installation of hard-wired door closers.

Dorgard, easily installed onto the bottom of the fire door in under 5 minutes, enables fire doors to be legally and safely kept open as it allows the door to close when the fire alarm sounds, preventing the spread of fire and smoke.


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