BSIA launches guide to construction site security


The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has launched a new guide for the construction sector intended to give Construction Site Managers an understanding of the techniques needed to secure these vulnerable sites. This includes a basic introduction to risk management and an overview of the practical solutions available.

Chris Lawrence, Chairman of the British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) Security Consultancies section, said: “Security breaches or poorly implemented security measures can have a number of negative effects on construction sites, including financial losses, unplanned downtime, as well as health and safety issues caused by unauthorised tampering with equipment or procedures. Site security is therefore crucial to the successful and on time completion of a project, so its needs should be addressed at the earliest stages of a project, for example by implementing measures such as temporary CCTV or physical security from its inception.

“Construction sites are particularly difficult to secure due to a number of factors. These extensive sites are often left unattended overnight, and this, combined with a transient population of contractors, suppliers and builders and the presence of valuable equipment and materials make these sites particularly vulnerable, putting additional onus on the already demanding role of a Construction Site Manager. With this in mind, and drawing from the extensive expertise of BSIA Security Consultancies, we have produced this comprehensive guide, providing invaluable advice on what to consider to produce effective and integrated security strategies that will counter the threat of theft, vandalism, deliberate damage and terrorism.”

“Construction Site Managers should refer to the BSIA guide for advice and guidance on risk mitigation, as well as more information on the types of security measures available and how these work in practice. They may also wish to enlist the help of a professional security consultant to assist with the development of a security strategy.

“Due to their experience in the construction industry and the strict quality criteria they are required to meet to join the Association, BSIA Security Consultancies are in fact particularly well placed to provide tailored and independent security advice every step of the way, putting an emphasis on reliable and sustainable security solutions, which also provide long-term return on investment” concludes Chris.

‘Construction site security – a guide’ can be downloaded from the BSIA’s publications website, by searching for form 123


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