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CBC’s successfulnight time surveillance test

Leading surveillance solutions provider CBC has demonstrated its expanding range of innovative low light CCTV systems at a special night time test and seminar event. CBC organised it to answer one of the industry’s most difficult questions: how do you obtain good surveillance images at night?

Attended by an invited audience of installers, consultants, distributors, end users and specifiers, as well as guests from the public sector and police, the Night Time Surveillance Event provided an opportunity to see a variety of the latest CBC equipment in operation at Rutland Golf Club, Lincolnshire.

The equipment demonstrated included IR and white light illumination, microlux low light cameras, as well as thermal and radar detection. CBC’s Thermal and Radar Vision systems particularly attracted the interest of Danny Cracknell from Farmwatch Ltd, an organisation providing practical security advice to farmers: “We were keen to see these systems in action because there is growing demand for this type of technology, especially with its increasingly realistic pricing and installation options,” he comments.

“This is the kind of surveillance detection and observation that’s needed in rural areas where large distances are involved and farmers require a reliable means of identification,” Mr Cracknell continues. “We’ve used CBC equipment such as its 180º IR illumination for some time and do so because it provides the best spread of light, is reliable, and readily available to meet our needs. This event has been very useful and I felt it was extremely well put together by the CBC team.”

CBC’s Radar Vision system, for real-time tracking and recording of intruders in all lighting/weather conditions, also captured the imagination of Peter Liddell, a business strategy development adviser in the defence and aerospace sectors. “I was impressed with this technology and its capabilities in terms of detecting both people and vehicles within a prescribed area,” he comments. “The Night Time Surveillance Event has been interesting, informative and enjoyable, and shown me how professional and welcoming CBC and its staff are.”

Meanwhile, John May of branded independent national CCTV distributor Pro-Vision, another guest attending the event, agrees that it proved a success: “The CBC team were very hospitable and put on a skilful, instructive demonstration in convivial surroundings,” he declares.


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