CCTV Image magazine featuring ACPO’s CCTV lead, Graeme Gerrard

CCTV Image magazine - featuring ACPO cctv lead and NHS healthcare security
CCTV Image - Winter 2012: featuring interview with Graeme Gerrard (ACPO lead on CCTV) and Peter Foy, security advisor to Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The past decade in CCTV has arguably been the most turbulent and exciting time to be involved in the industry, both from a technological point of view and socially. As the equipment has developed, so has the public debate about the use of CCTV.

Few can claim to have had as significant an impact on the industry – and especially national policy – as Graeme Gerrard, the deputy chief constable of Cheshire Constabulary and the ACPO lead on CCTV. Having co-written the only CCTV National Strategy document to be produced to date and been instrumental in the development of police policy around CCTV, he has the ear of the police and government on this subject.

Having now announced his retirement, we went along to get an exclusive interview with him, and found out what he considers to be his greatest success and what he wishes had happened differently in his time in post. He has high hopes for the future of CCTV as a crime fighting tool and also reveals a new research project he is undertaking with ACPO to analyse just how effective CCTV is as an investigative tool.

Read all about it in this issue of CCTV Image. (see links below)

In addition, we have a fascinating interview with the man in charge of security at one of the country’s largest NHS Trusts, Leeds Teaching Hospitals. Peter Foy takes us through the control room operations and how this electronic nerve centre interfaces with patrolling security officers and the thousands of staff, patients and visitors who use the hospital 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile, in a completely unsurprising move, Big Brother Watch has published another report claiming that CCTV is a waste of money. We unpick the details of the report and speak to a number of councils who claim that BBW got their figures wrong.

We also look at a consultant who is calling for a National CCTV Improvement Week, coolly examine thermal imaging and take a gander at a new video management system in Bridgend.

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