CCTV lighting specialists Raytec launch webinar training programme this autumn

Raytec autumn webinar training programme
Raytec autumn webinar training programme

With the dark nights fast approaching and lighting top of the agenda for deterring crime and increasing safety, CCTV lighting experts Raytec have released dates for their autumn programme of training webinars. The webinars are free to attend and are designed to give all security professionals the chance to get up to speed with new technologies, and the latest techniques in system design to optimise lighting performance on-site.

Whether using Infra-Red or White-Light, the sessions offer practical tips and guidelines to help maximise the night-time performance of your surveillance system and aid the specification of the best fit-for-purpose general lighting.

Comparing Lighting Specifications: Wed 7th Sept

Designed to make the lighting design and specification process easier and more informed, this webinar will allow security professionals to understand the differences between LED lighting and other technologies, effectively assess a range of different LED illuminators and their features, and understand what features are necessary for different installations. This webinar will compare LED lighting vs thermal Imaging vs bullet cameras as well as taking a look at the techniques behind controlling LED lifetime, specifying illumination distances, power levels and measuring light.

Lighting Fundamentals – understanding the basics: Wed 5th Oct

This session will give security professionals a core understanding of the principles of lighting allowing the specification, installation and use of lighting to be more informed and achieve better night-time pictures. The webinar will explore light and surface, brightness and glare, colour rendering and images, reflectance and lenses, and using the inverse square law to deploy multiple illuminators. Most importantly, this session considers lighting as part of a system, explaining how the light emitted from an illuminator travels to the scene, reflects from an object and travels back to the camera sensor through the lens.

Insider Knowledge – set-up tips to get the most from your installation: Wed 2nd Nov

Lighting is becoming ever more integral to a security system and the performance and feature-sets of LED illuminators are developing at a rapid pace. In this session Raytec engineers advise, not just how to install illumination, but how to exploit some of the advanced features for real performance benefits. This session explores advanced techniques for designing lighting for major systems including lighting for network cameras, lighting for domes, pulsed lighting and remote control systems. Practical topics include how to commission a system, linking multiple illuminators together as part of an integrated system and designing a scalable, upgradable lighting system.

Each online webinar session will run at:
4.00pm GMT (11am EST/ 8am PST Americas)

To reserve your place, please email stating which session(s) you wish to book for.

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