Connecticut company stakes claim in security industry: Visitor Pass Solutions changes name, renews focus

Data Management, owner of Visitor Pass Solutions, has launched with a new name and confirmed focus, further planting their flag in the security industry. The company will now go by the name “THRESHOLD,” a term evocative of their expertise in visitor management systems.
With the new tagline, “the gateway to stronger security,” the company emphasizes its function as the first line of defence for their clients, as they manage the traffic entering and leaving their clients’ facilities. THRESHOLD will continue to provide cutting-edge visitor management systems to its clients in a variety of industries, including: healthcare, education, corporate, and third-party distributors.
“We discovered that serving the security markets is both our passion and where we bring our customers the most value,” said owner and CEO, Dan Hincks. “It was time to adopt a name and a brand identity to match that promise.”
“Our team could not be more excited about our new global brand identity as we hone our focus on innovating within the security industry,” added THRESHOLD President and COO Brian Gallagher. “We look forward to simplifying companies’ visitor management systems, providing the broadest range of cutting-edge products and technology, and supporting our customers’ security protocols to the fullest extent.”

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