Stormshield and Oodrive enter partnership to increase secure Cloud data sharing

Stormshield and Oodrive are pooling their expertise to demonstrate their commitment to Cloud security.

Currently, the Cloud is the cornerstone of the digital transformation in organisations. 90 % of them now use it for remotely accessing applications and professional data, as well as for improving the way in which they collaborate with their ecosystems. Yet, 65% of companies are still not sure just how secure their data is in the Cloud (according to a NetWrix study). This is why Stormshield and Oodrive have entered into a partnership – they want to ensure that organisations can make the switch over to the Cloud with complete peace of mind, so they can work with one another in confidence.

Oodrive provides sensitive data management services with the help of secure certified infrastructure located in France, elsewhere in Europe, in Brazil and in China that is audited on a regular basis. One of the projects in which the group is involved – alongside the ANSSI (France’s national cyber security agency) – is a pilot initiative to create a Cloud security requirement framework – “SecNumCloud”.

Integrating Stormshield’s Data Security for Cloud & Mobility product, which provides end-to-end encryption for data, together with PostFiles, Oodrive’s online sharing utility will create a powerful, next-generation secure collaboration solution. Users will be able to work together more efficiently, have full protection of their IT assets, and without having to compromise on data protection. European legislation is also adhered to – in particular, clients are guaranteed compliance with the new GDPR.


“This alliance between Stormshield and Oodrive helps us support our clients in their gradual transition over to the Cloud, providing them with confidence in their highly secure infrastructure and services. Organisations with particularly sensitive data, or those whose operation is considered to be of national importance can therefore implement their digital transitions in the best possible conditions”, said Matthieu Bonenfant, CMO of Stormshield and Stanislas de Rémur, CEO of Oodrive.


This industrial partnership has already helped Oodrive and Stormshield win a number of initial contracts with organisations in the defence sector.

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