Dallmeier reduces crime for 4,700 flats managed by Your Homes Newcastle

With a video security solution from Dallmeier, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN) was able to lower the crime rate for the tenants in more than 65 buildings. Centralised systems were put in place to mean YHN could reduce cost and complexity compared with the previous solution.
YHN is an arms-length management organisation (ALMO) responsible for managing 26,700 council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council and over 400 homes on behalf of Leazes Homes in Newcastle, England.
Within one of the largest security projects valued at over £8m, YHN contracted integrator Openview to provide a security solution which protected public housing stock in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, a total of 65 buildings. The project included door entry intercoms with fire and intruder alarm integration, access control, alarm management, full structured cabling Cat-6 infrastructure and associated building works as well as a complete revamp of the associated video surveillance system.
Steven Studley, Technical Surveyor of YHN said that the old security infrastructure was “beginning to fail and were unable to provide suitable image quality. Since the systems were all standalone, they were all monitored locally by 24-hour security/concierge at high cost and complexity”.
Dallmeier was approached by lead consultants Ove Arup to engage in a feasibility study as to how the systems could be upgraded to provide a higher quality and more resilient solution that was centrally managed in YHN. After Dallmeier had been awarded with the contract, the project started early in 2013 with a roll out plan to have the project completed late 2016.
The solution consists of more than 700 cameras. Dallmeier delivered mainly HD IP cameras in various designs, like box, module and dome cameras and supporting PTZ cameras. For recording, predominantly the Dallmeier dual channel blade recording solution was used.
“We use this solution normally for our Casino customers who require very high level of reliability, so it was a little unusual until you understand the importance of what they were undertaking,” said Jason Piggott, Dallmeier UK Sales Manager. “The goal was to centrally manage the system from a call/support centre.”
Dallmeiers SeMSy system was used as a video management system offering the display of live images, various search options within the footage and the control of DDZ functional cameras with easy archiving of relevant sequences. The SeMSy system is completely scalable to integrate additional components. “We are already in discussions with various stake holders at other locations within the city of Newcastle where the system can be expanded to” said Steven Studley Technical Surveyor for YHN.
“The feedback thus far from the police and other stake holders has been extremely positive. The quality of the images far exceeds anything the police had received from us in the past and has given them the tools to investigate crime and pursue prosecutions. There has been a renewed sense of belief in the system from the police now they have gained confidence in the evidence it provides” Studley reiterates.

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