Datacentrix launch overhauled Security Operations Centre (SOC)

As they adopt newer technologies – including cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) – and expand their environments, businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security attacks. So says Wayne Olsen, Security Business Unit Manager at Datacentrix, who points out that findings from the sixth annual study by HP in partnership with the Ponemon Institute, revealed that the average time it took to resolve a cyber attack – 46 days – had increased by nearly 30% during the past six years.
“When you take into account that the median cost incurred by a company in resolving a single attack totals more than R13 million over the 46-day remediation period – at an average cost of over R284,000 per day – it is clear that a change in approach to security investment is needed.”
According to Olsen, traditional security operation centres have been greatly reactive, providing clients with information on past incidents only. “Datacentrix surveyed the local market to uncover what South African businesses really want when it comes to a security service. The response brought to light the need for a proactive service that could provide advanced analytics, correlation and threat prioritisation, and this is exactly what we have developed. Testament to this is the fact that we have quadrupled our SOC customer base in the past two months.
“Security data holds many answers, but only if an organisation can easily and quickly collect, understand and prioritise the information,” Olsen continues. “The Datacentrix SOC provides advanced analytics with the ability to store and quickly analyse massive amounts of data, as well as leveraging a progressive indexing system that optimises threat investigations and forensics. Its integrated log and event collection, along with real-time analytics, swiftly delivers actionable information with the ability to gather information across an organisation’s infrastructure.
“Critical to today’s CIO, who is under increasing pressure to provide a life cycle of security attacks, the SOC’s advanced correlation allows us to uncover the true story of how an incident happened, the rules that were breached, how it affected the organisation and so on, within minutes,” he concludes.
The new Datacentrix SOC delivers a holistic view on a client’s security posture, proactive incident response, 24/7 real-time monitoring, vulnerability scanning for both external and internal threats, functional threat verification, powerful, flexible reporting, security management, real-time governance and compliance statuses, and remote remediation.

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