Datapath announces failsafe developments for Aetria


Datapath has added some major developments to its Aetria solution – reinforcing system resiliency, broadening scope for KVM control as well as offering secure mobile device control.

Aetria from Datapath is a ground-breaking solution that brings the design, control and management of control room video under a single interface. Engineered specifically for critical 24/7 applications, all Aetria components are designed, built, and tested to ensure maximum reliability. To provide complete system resiliency, Aetria now supports automatic failover for the central network manager appliance. A secondary network manager is configured as a hot-standby, which is automatically invoked if the primary appliance fails.

Configuration, management, and monitoring of both network manager appliances is done in the centralised Aetria Command Center interface, where manual switchovers can also be invoked if required.

Furthermore, users are now able to operate the platform from their phone, tablet or mobile device. With Datapath’s secure user rights management applied, users can load any pre-saved layout onto any connected video wall, wherever they are in the world.

View and control Arqa sources from Aetria Workstation

Aetria Workstation now supports direct monitoring and control of Arqa sources. Integration with Datapath’s Arqa AVoIP solution enables secure, hardware-based access to multiple remote sources in Aetria. Operators get real-time control of sources as if they were hosted locally. To enable this, an Arqa receiver is connected to capture card in the workstation PC. Arqa sources are then made available for viewing and KVM control from within the Aetria Workstation interface. KVM switching is done automatically as the operator requests a specific source.

Finally, the Designer component of Aetria now has a built-in tutorial and example solution design for new users– making the design process even easier. A virtual ‘Server Room’ location has been created to allow adding of any Aetria Network Managers and/or required source transmitters to the project design.


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