eshard has announced the launch of a new module for its esDynamic platform. The all-in-one software analyses the cryptographic implementations and transfer of delicate technical information. The new SMx Algorithms module has been developed in partnership with OSR, a Chinese security company based in the first of China’s special economic zones, Shenzhen. 
eshard technology reportedly allows security experts to attack, pinpoint and refine the security of their products in a more efficient way, while ensuring they can build and share their knowledge internally. Focusing on addressing the Chinese security, OSR partnered with eshard in 2017 and now supplies the esDynamic platform to Chinese certification laboratories and developers of secure embedded devices. The Chinese ecosystem relies on specific Chinese crypto-algorithms, so-called SMx algorithms. To address this specific need, OSR and eshard collaborated to develop a module on esDynamic platform to educate the industry on this algorithm and empower developers to analyse the security of its operations.   
“We decided to partner with eshard because their portfolio is complementary to ours,” said Junfeng Fan, leading Cryptologist and CEO of OSR. “esDynamic allows us to better develop new attack scenarios with the openness and modularity that modern tools should have. In addition, our co-developed SMx module finally brings dedicated solutions to the now leading Chinese security market. With this module, along with others such as AI-based attacks, we are confident we can support this market across industries such as automotive, Smart and connected devices (IoT), identification, and others to adopt the security tools that they need.” 
“esDynamic is a platform designed by experts for professionals and empower our clients to include security by design in their solutions”, added Hugues Thiebeauld, CEO of eshard. “Everything has been done to ease the tedious work and offer professionals the open capabilities they need: security analysts can integrate their own developments, create dynamic reports, customise existing templates for their team, so that designers can also validate some countermeasures. All these benefits are powered by eshard’s in-house optimisations, which makes esDynamic the fastest software in its field.”  

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