Interview: Graham Wallis talks about his new role at Oncam Global Inc

Oncam Global logoGraham Wallis, an electronic security industry veteran, has taken on responsibility for the US operations of Oncam Global, a systems integration specialist with offices in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

He was previously chairman of Grandeye Inc and CNL Software and has served as an advisor to Oncam Global and other companies for a number of years.

His experience in the electronics industry goes back to 1974 when he was managing director of several technology companies owned by Ferranti Technologies (a leader in defence electronics which went bankrupt in 1993). More recently he has focused on the electronic security sector where he has held top level management posts in a range of companies including CEO of Dedicated Micros Inc. and president of Honeywell Video.

Compared to Wallis, Oncam Global as a company is a relative newcomer to the security industry. Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Switzerland, Oncam Global is a systems integrator which has developed a specialisation in 360-degree cameras.

In 2009 Oncam Global took on responsibility for the sales, marketing and product-fulfilment operations of Grandeye Ltd which developed one of the first 360-degree, solid-state, dome style surveillance cameras, and today Grandeye functions as the technology and engineering arm of Oncam Global.

We caught up with Wallis on a conference call from Oncam’s office in California to ask in what direction the industry veteran would take Oncam Global Inc, a newcomer in the US integrations market.

Familiar shoes

Wallis emphasises that despite having only stepped into the position of CEO of the US operations in December 2011, he is already very familiar with the company. “I have been involved in Oncam ever since the acquisition of Grandeye and before that I was involved with Grandeye. So the only difference between the past when I was an advisor to the group and now is the amount of work and detail of the work. It’s not like stepping into an unknown position. I have lived and breathed Oncam for several years now, so it’s an increase in pace rather than a new position,” he says.

Oncam is not your typical systems integrator, he says. Rather than working directly with end-users, the company helps other systems integrators develop solutions to particular problems, especially those requiring 360-degree camera technology.

“If you have a problem developing a solution, Oncam will come in with our version of how you can solve that,” he says. “That has been very successful in a lot of the parts of Oncam that are based in EMEA [Europe, Middle East and Africa]. We haven’t – until the last few months – brought that philosophy here to the States so we are just beginning that now.”

Oncam works with a wide range of NVR and VMS suppliers and according to Wallis the Oncam software development kit (SDK) has been integrated into the leading recording and video management systems.

Globally the company has seen strong sales in the retail, banking, maritime and ports sectors. Last year, revenues for the privately-owned global company were around $US10 million, according to the company and it is planning to double that in 2012.

Part of that expansion plan includes the entrance into the US market where Wallis believes the company can carve out a unique position. “We have found a niche here in the marketplace that’s not being addressed by anyone else. We are finding an awful lot of integrators here need the help that we can bring for them to provide a complete solution, especially where it revolves around 360-degree technology.

“360-degree technology is known but not very well understood especially in the way that, how can 360 degree help us solve a problem? So we are going out, working with integrators, introducing the 360, introducing the fact that we can solve a lot of their solution problems. And then going in there and solving that problem.

“Oncam Global Inc is growing very quickly, and we think that growth will continue,” he says.

In fact, research organisation IMS believes the video surveillance market will grow by at least 25 per cent in 2012.

“Provided we can continue to give advantages to NVRs and VMS systems, we can certainly continue with the growth,” Wallis says.

CV: Graham Wallis, CEO, Oncam Global Inc.

Graham has successfully managed semi conductor and security companies in Europe and US in addition to managing satellite operations and design centres in the Far East, Middle East and Australia. Graham has over 20 years experience in the global security industry.


  • Appointed Chief Executive Office Oncam Global Inc.


  • Chairman of CNL Software UK
  • Advisor to the board of Oncam Global
  • Strategic advisor to the CEO and board of SYAC
  • Working with Rampart Partners to identify suitable acquisition targets


  • Chairman of Grandeye Inc (US)
  • Consultant to Argyle Security


  • President and CEO Dedicated Micros Inc USA


  • Board member of Dedicated Micros Inc
  • Strategic advisor and shareholder for VisioPrime
  • Founder member and shareholder of Grandeye UK
  • Board of HiBand Semiconductors
  • Advisor to Altera a FPGA semiconductor company
  • Strategic advisor to Wavelength Digital, UK


  • President and CEO Javelin Systems
  • President of Ademco Video Security Group
  • Board of Northern Computers
  • Team member for Ademco security strategy
  • Member of Ademco acquisition team


  • President Ferranti Semiconductors Inc (later Plessey Semiconductors Inc)


  • Managing Director of several Ferranti owned technology companies.

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