New PTZ auto-tracking application with AXIS Perimeter Defender

Axis Communications’ intrusion detection analytics, AXIS Perimeter Defender, now supports a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) autotracking application, enabling a fixed camera and a PTZ camera to work seamlessly together to provide an enhanced solution for perimeter protection. The new application allows a fixed thermal or visual camera running AXIS Perimeter Defender to detect people and vehicles, and—when an alarm is triggered—take control of a PTZ camera to track and get closer views

Security Buyer discusses perimeter protection with Bosch

Perimeter protection is essential in critical infrastructures such as airports or utilities. Video analytics can greatly improve security in such environments while at the same time lowering costs and network strain. 286 perimeter breaches in ten years – this was the result of an Associated Press investigation on the busiest 31 airports in the United States. These incidents happened despite the fact that after the September 11 attacks, US airports

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