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Security Buyer finds out more about Lyn Poole, Development Officer for Secured by Design

What does ‘security’ mean to you? 

Security to me can be on all different levels, from subtle changes like education to working with stake holders on large scale building projects to design out crime.  

What made you want to work in the industry? 

Having been a frontline uniformed Police Officer for 16 years, I saw too many victims, potential victims and repeat victims and I wanted to help them, and try to prevent others from being victims of crime (a romantic notion I’m afraid, just as I had once wanted to do as a young adult when I joined the Police, I wanted to make a difference to at least one person).  

If you could talk to your younger self, what would you say? 

Don’t be concerned with what other people think about you (apart from the people that count), do what you feel is right, and if you make a mistake don’t panic, own it – you are only human. 

Describe a funny thing that happened to you recently? 

I put apple juice in my tea (by mistake, of course), instead of milk this morning. Monday morning it’s hard to wake up! 

If you didn’t work in the security industry, what would you be doing? 

Well, I’m a trained hairdresser so by now I would probably own my own string of Salons/ Barbers. I have to be busy so lazing on a beach or retiring is just not an option for me. 

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your CV? 

I’m a black belt in martial arts! 

What is one thing you would make compulsory in the office and one thing you would ban? 

Honesty, definitely. 

Hmm, ban? That’s difficult but I would have to say laziness (it can cover a few sins), because if you are in a team, I think it’s selfish! 

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