IP video management software company SeeTec claims strong growth over 2010


SeeTec AG, the leading manufacturer of video management software in German-speaking countries, has been able to continue the positive development also in the first three business quarters of the fiscal year 2010/2011. The turnover for the business areas software and services has increased by more than 40 % from June 2010 to February 2011 compared to the reference period in the previous year.

Rolf Senger, co-founder and CEO of SeeTec AG, considers that development as a strong confirmation of SeeTec’s strategic alignment. “Until 2010, SeeTec had also distributed camera hardware in the domestic markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the course of the previous year, we decided to withdraw completely from the hardware business also in those countries and to focus our resources on software and service. As a pure software provider, SeeTec can now act even more independent and with a consistent international strategy. The very positive development of our core business areas software and service shows us that this decision has been absolutely right, especially as it has really been appreciated in the market.”.

The growth within the recent two years was caused by two crucial factors: The expansion to further geographical markets and the development of industry-specific solutions. By expanding beyond the domestic markets from 2008 on, SeeTec has been able to emerge from a regionally positioned company to one of the leading providers of video management software in Europe, acting in numerous countries. Thus, the international sales team grew by 12 persons since 2008. Sales offices have been founded in France, Sweden and Turkey, a number of further markets such as UK, the Netherlands, Russia or Spain are covered by dedicated sales managers. Further sales offices are currently in the planning stage. All over Europe SeeTec has a strong network of distribution and integration partners, allowing the realization of major international projects.

The increasing demand for industry-specific solutions mainly in the logistics, finance and retail sector has also a share in the very positive overall development. Rolf Senger again: “IP Video has turned from a niche technology to the standard for video surveillance – recent sales statistics are proving that. It is even more important for SeeTec to offer unique solutions in that market which transform the technological potential of IP video into real customer benefits.”

About SeeTec AG
SeeTec AG is one of the leading vendors of manufacturer-neutral full IP video management software, supporting a wide range of edge device from all well-known hardware manufacturers and providing interfaces to numerous third party applications. In addition to the standard video surveillance products made in Germany such as SeeTec ProBox (for small and mid-size projects) and SeeTec Enterprise Edition (for mid-size and large projects), SeeTec offers additional modules such as license plate recognition or video analytics. Besides merely security-related solutions, SeeTec provides value packages amongst others for the retail, finance and logistics sector, integrating video surveillance with business processes. This makes the use of video management systems more efficient and convenient. SeeTec supports its customers in all project stages – starting with planning and consulting and covering also the after sales stage with a comprehensive service approach to keep the video system up to date at any time. Trainings for SeeTec sales partners and end customers are available all year round and on an international basis. Besides the headquarter in Philippsburg, Germany, SeeTec is operating sales offices in Austria, Switzerland, France, Scandinavia and Turkey, further markets such as the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Russia are covered by dedicated sales persons.

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