LPCB approval for new Kentec high-power 10.25A PSU

Kentec KD25800
Kentec KD25800 series

Kentec’s new KD25800 series LPCB approved PSU, with double the power of many EN54-4 approved power supplies, is a robust, lightweight, completely enclosed unit with a 10.25A load capability for powering fire alarm control and indicating panels.

This PSU is a versitile device that meets the requirements of any fire alarm system that has to be supplied with power by EN54-4 compliant power supplies. The main features include:

  • Universal mains voltage input
  • Intelligent, two-stage, temperature compensated battery charging for optimised battery service life and performance
  • Low battery shut off facility that prevents deep discharge and damage to expensive battery packs
  • Battery circuit impedance monitoring that ensures specified voltage will be supplied when demanded from batteries

The unit charges up to 45Ah 24V batteries, has regulated DC output, volt-free changeover contact for fault common indication, plus a facility for individual fault outputs to be extended to other systems. There is a dual output option for compliance with EN54-4 clause 6.4.

The K25800 range can provide substantial power for all other parts of fire alarm systems or any other system requiring a 24V DC battery backed power supply. The range is available in a wide range of enclosures designed to match Kentec fire control panels.

For more information visit  www.kentec.co.uk.

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