Midlands firm helps secure two of Brisbane’s most popular tourist spots in fight against terrorism

A British manufacturer of anti-terrorism bollards has helped to secure two of Brisbane’s most popular tourist attractions from potential vehicle attacks. Safetyflex Barriers, based in Coventry, has installed preventative measures to counteract terrorism including Singapore and the USA, as well as recently helping increase safety at Oxford Street in London, using its innovative Truckstopper Bollard products.
Its presence in Australia has grown in recent months after collecting Product of the Year award at the Australian Security Industry Awards, before completing the contract to secure Brisbane tourist hotspots the ‘Brisbane G20’ sign and the Wheel of Brisbane. A shield of 9-40 Truckstopper bollards, which can stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at high speeds in its tracks, have been installed around the sites, which regularly attract thousands of tourists.
Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex, said: “We are proud to be able to help secure the beautiful city of Brisbane and two of its most popular tourist attractions. This is a major contract for us as a business that is really going to help boost our profile. We have a growing presence in Australia and a strong reputation for the quality of our work in installing the bollards quickly and securely.
“The products themselves are also held in high regard due to their stylish aesthetic, they offer top of the range protection without impacting the beauty of the sites they help secure. We are increasing our presence around the globe all of the time and becoming a key part of security against terrorism in major cities.”
Safetyflex’s products help to secure potentially vulnerable areas such as shopping centres, sports stadiums, government buildings, military, utilities and key infrastructure centres. The company teamed up with Australian distributors EZI Security Systems in 2018 after specifically testing the 9-40 for sale in the country, which has been on high alert since the January 2017 car attack in Melbourne which saw six people killed and 30 more injured.
Its award winning 9-40 Truckstopper bollard is known for being easy to assemble or take down as required,  with a shallow foundation size of 20cm, meaning that it can be set up without the need to re-divert utilities making it highly cost-effective.

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