Milestone Systems helps revamp Port Fourchon security system

Port Fourchon is one of Americas primary ports in the Gulf of Mexico. The main activities in the port support the exploration, production and import and export of oil, and the facility caters for between 18 and 20 per cent of the nations oil supply. So when the Port Fourchon security team took the decision to update their surveillance systems it was no small task.

Priorty 5 were hired by the port in 2010 to develop a system that would provide improved communications and security, while remaining user friendly for end users. To develop an operating system that would meet the port’s requirements, and allow third parties such harbour patrol and the sherif’s office to utilise the system, Priority 5 identified Milestone Systems’ video management service (VMS) as the best fit. Not only did the Milestone VMS integrate easily with the existing cameras, it was also compatible with the behaviour recognition system in use and facilitated several business optimisation features.

To find out more about the installation and how it is being put to good use in the port, watch the short video below:


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