Castel Xellip2 integration with Milestone VMS gives users seamless control

This integration with Milestone’s VMS puts users in control, enabling them to manage their video entry and security systems using a single interface Castel’s open protocol Xellip2 IP intercom has been integrated with Milestone’s Xprotect video management system (VMS) to offer seamless interoperability between systems. The ONVIF-compatible Xellip2 features a 1200 x 800 wide-angle HD camera. Sporting a sleek, contemporary design with backlit and flushed nameplates, the Xellip2 has two

VMS from Cathexis Technologies: An all-inclusive solution for campus security challenges

While school and university campuses should provide a safe and collaborative environment for learning and excellence, they have regrettably also become targets for violent crime, including: abductions, shootings, vandalism, bomb threats and protest action. According to Gus Brecher, managing director of Cathexis Africa and business development director of Cathexis Technologies, a comprehensive security management system, which incorporates every aspect of the security system is now a non-negotiable imperative for campus

Milestone Systems and Live Earth achieve Common Operational Picture through video integration

Driven by customers’ needs to visualise live video synchronised with real-time weather, traffic, city surveillance, IoT sensors, and transportation feeds, Milestone Systems and Live Earth have achieved a simple and powerful way to integrate video into a Common Operational Picture. As demand rises for smarter cities, campuses and buildings, organisations are investing heavily in sensors, cameras, access control, and other IT systems. Ensuring the best possible response time in a

Wavestore launch new small systems NVRs with pre-installed award winning VMS

Wavestore, the British manufacturer of Video Management Software (VMS), has introduced a new series of Network Video Recorders (NVRs) to provide installers and systems integrators with a solution for small systems.A-Series NVRs enable users to take advantage of the latest version of Wavestore’s award winning VMS for installations that require up to 8 IP cameras. Supplied complete with Version 6 embedded directly onto their Linux operating system, A-Series NVRs can

Milestone Systems ranked No. 1 Global VMS Provider

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), has retained the global position of number one VMS vendor by company revenue in market research from business intelligence provider IHS Inc. This is the ninth time for Milestone Systems to achieve top ranking. ‘Milestone has continued to grow at a steady rate. Our ongoing strength as the global number one VMS provider is testament to the deep,

Dahua Video Management Systems

Video Management Systems (VMS) serve as the user interface to command and control Video Surveillance Systems. These systems are comprised of Imagers, Recording Devices, Extended Storage, Intelligent Analytics, and User Display and Control interfaces (Monitors, Video Walls, and Keyboards).Today, there are two different types of deployments for VMS, Hardware and Software. Software solutions were developed to deploy on a customer’s hardware and required significant expertise and technical resources to install

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