Panasonic and Nimans annouce partnership

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Panasonic announce partnership
Panasonic announce partnership

PSCEU (Panasonic System Communications Company Europe) and Nimans, the UK’s leading telecommunications and data distribution specialist, have announced a new partnership to promote the Panasonic range of next generation interactive whiteboards (IWB).

Paul Osborn, Network Solutions Specialist at PSCEU commented; “The world of business systems is converging and with our latest whiteboard solution offering the best benefits available in the market, there is no better time for us to announce our partnership.”

Nimans is planning more ‘dealer interaction’ after adding next generation UB-T880, UB-T880W and the recently launched UB-T580 Panasonic interactive whiteboards to its 6,000 strong product range –  delivering a new dimension in staff training.

Ideally suited to the education sector and corporate training facilities, the high impact technology is also being used to enhance reseller training at Nimans’ Manchester headquarters.

The company is planning to raise general awareness and bolster its in-house training programme throughout this year so that more customers can learn about the many sales opportunities available.

Nimans Head of Conferencing Sales, Ian Brindle, says the new and improved ‘Panaboard’ creates a dynamic way of learning. “By connecting a PC with internet access and a projector you can bring the wealth of information on the web into the classroom or training facility. It opens the door to a new kind of interactive, visual-based education, providing resellers with new and potentially lucrative revenue potential.”

Panasonic’s rugged surfaced, capacitive touch sensitive whiteboards – first launched in 2009 – have been hailed by users as ‘some of the greatest developments in IWB technology’.  UB-T880 can be controlled by up to three users simultaneously and is supplied along with a suite of software packages making them suitable for commercial applications ranging from training, education and control centres to many other commercial applications.

The enhanced ‘Panaboard’, available in 78 and 86 inch screen sizes, offers video conferencing interaction and also wireless capabilities via an optional kit. The 2012 launch of the cost effective UB-T580 model further strengthens Panasonic’s grip in a highly competitive market.

Ian says whiteboard technology has revolutionised learning for resellers and internal staff. “The Panaboard is sophisticated yet simple to use and represents a massive leap forward, delivering a richly rewarding learning experience. This year will see us develop further ways of interacting with our customers based on an enhanced training programme where our own internal white board equipment takes centre stage.”

This is an exciting time for Panasonic and Nimans making the possibility of further market expansion a reality thanks to the combined customer support and distribution power of both organisations.


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