Product spotlight – Intelligent Communication by Zenitel


Critical communications specialist, Zenitel, identifies the importance of audio in a security solution, highlighting new product integration 

The ability to communicate clearly is important to just about any situation. But many settings pose challenges to clear communication, ranging from loud background noise to the environmentally demanding conditions of industrial and offshore locations. Zenitel’s Intelligent Communication platforms, such as ICX-AlphaCom or IC-EDGE, together with connected Zenitel devices, can provide crystal clear communication in any environment and situation. 

To hear, be heard and to be understood – everywhere and every time 

Zenitel is driving the future of intelligent critical communication solutions. Through our portfolio of IP intercom products and audio solutions, with built-in intelligence and a focus on cybersecurity, we provide organizations with superior, scalable, and flexible security tools.  

Enterprise security teams need the ability to see, and they need dependable sound — sound that is clear, intelligible, and that can be understood, every time. They need to respond quickly to a caller who expresses a clear message for help or distress, no matter the background noise (such as cars in a parking lot, machines in a manufacturing plant, trucks, planes or strong wind in an outdoor location).  Zenitel’s intercom solutions automatically adjust the volume, or loudness, of an audio signal, to compensate for ambient noise to make the audio signal better heard and understood. The noise-cancelling feature that is built in all our intercoms ensures that all calls are clearly understood by the recipient. Security teams also have actionable business intelligence, which allows for increased operational efficiencies and the ability to better mitigate safety and security risks.  

Unifying systems 

Networked audio devices are playing an increasingly important role in the entire security and safety ecosystem. Adding audio to a security system is now possible thanks to multiple certified platform and device integrations. Zenitel has product integrations with all the major platforms in the security industry, including VMS from major vendors such as Genetec and Milestone, as well as access control systems from AMAG, LenelS2, RS2, Open Options, and mores. We are also integrated with enterprise building management systems and PSIM’s from companies like Honeywell and Advancis. We’re committed to the open standards route, so our customers can experience a well-rounded system that allows them to provide the highest levels of security and safety.  

Keeping your system cybersecure 

Cybersecurity is always a concern when adding new devices to networks. Hackers are always on the lookout for devices on internal networks that may be vulnerable to attack, often utilizing backdoors in physical security devices to gain access to the entire system. We’ve been driving cybersecurity initiatives in our products for several years. We believe that it is crucial that installers and end users are confident that when integrating our audio devices onto a network, it will be robust and well protected – both in the physical and cyber environments. We’re a member of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and we were one of the first to implement CIS controls into audio devices.” 

Today’s security systems should include a new ecosystem – one that involves video surveillance, access control, and high-definition voice.  

That ecosystem can ensure a well-rounded and responsive information management and security platform, all communicating with each other and offering actionable insight into risks and potential physical breaches, while also providing analytics after the event is over for analysis and training.  

In every situation, it is crucial for all security professionals to mitigate risk, no matter what they are protecting. This emphasizes the need to hear, be heard, and be understood in virtually any environment. 


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