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Operators are supported by dynamic workflows (SOPs) to manager both alarms and daily routines with the open PSIM platform

For more than 25 years WinGuard has been one of the market-leading PSIm platforms for the unified control of technical sub-systems. The operator works with only one user interface providing them with content such as maps and camera images depending on the particular situation.  

Individual dynamic workflows support the control room personnel in event processing whether in case of an alarm or for daily routine and maintenance tasks., All actions such as event messages as well as individual user entries are centrally logged. Based on this data, reports and dashboard evaluations of KPIs can be generated, offering a quick overview of relevant key metrics of the connected systems and the control centre. For external use, this information can be exported into standard formats or provided in real-time.  

WinGuard addresses the high security requirement for a PSIM platform with innovations in cyber security such as encryption of network communication and databases using AES. 

In current times remote access is in high demand, e.g to facilitate working from home. With the WinGuard App for iOS and Android, mobile access to the platform and all content systems is possible at any time – for simple and fast remote control. For the purpose of maintenance works it is very easy to arm or disarm detectors remotely via mobile devices. On the other hand, personnel on site can report critical events to the control centre via their smartphones/tablets e.g. a liquid spill in an industrial site.  

All audio information and communication from E.g intercoms, calls, loudspeaker systems, voice recording is centralised and processed in WinGuard. Access requests at barriers on secure parking areas are issues via the platform. Elevator emergency calls trigger the dynamic workflow for the response and rescue of trapped persons. If a building has to be evacuated, announcements are automatically issued via intercoms or loudspeakers.  

WinGuard is used from a small installation with only one workstation upto a cross-linked network solution to monitor numerous international locations and available in more than 20 languages. It is scalable and can be extended seamlessly by further interface or function modules.  

The PSIM platform offers almost 500 interface drivers to systems of different manufacturers so that there is greatest possible flexibility when selecting or updating subsystems [Text Wrapping Break](fire/intrusion alarm systems, CCTV etc.): New interfaces are constantly developed and existing onexs optimised.  

In addition, the current WinGuard version is already supporting 3rd party developments or interface drivers to offer partners and users the possibility to become more independent of our own development cycles in case they would like to realised very specific project requirements. To complement that, 3rd party developments of features and functionalities will soon be possible too.  


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