Protect borders with Senstar’s range of “green” perimeter detectors


OTTAWA, Canada.   “One size does not fit all” – Based on Senstar’s 30 years of extensive experience in the outdoor security market, this is the philosophy behind the company’s approach to border protection.

Gord Loney, Senstar’s Vice-President of Product Sales, in a presentation to SMi’s Border Security conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, says: “Any full border solution is often a compromise when faced with the priorities of addressing the threats, respecting environmental concerns and meeting budget constraints.  The solution also needs to be customized to the local culture and even legal requirements.”

Senstar has developed a family of environmentally friendly sensors, including its buried cable (OmniTrax) and microwaves (µltraWave) for open borders, like in Europe, where security is designed to prevent illegal immigration and smuggling and aesthetics, wildlife and a green approach often drive the solution. With high-risk borders involving terrorists or enemy threats, the ideal solution is typically a smart physical barrier that can deter, detect and delay until first responders can intercept the intruder. Taut wire with its inherent low False Alarm Rate / Nuisance Alarm Rate and inherent robustness provides such a solution and can be complemented by cameras and radar.

Short range sensors are unnecessary and not practical for very long uninhabited borders with flat, open landscapes. The best solution is a combination of mobile forces and long range surveillance sensors.

Cosmopolitan Border Towns – The opposite case of the remote border is when it is adjacent to a city and early warning is near impossible. The backbone of any solution for this scenario would consist of a high (and sometimes deep) smart barrier, supported by verification sensors.

With the largest suite of products in the industry, Senstar is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive choice of solutions that can be tailored to the various types of borders.

About Senstar
Celebrating 30 years in 2011, Senstar Corporation is a world leader in outdoor Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) technologies and products and boasts the largest private test facility of its kind in the world. In thousands of sites and in more than 80 countries, the company’s products provide reliable detection of intruders and give security forces the advance warning they need to react. Senstar is the proud recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s Intrusion Detection Systems Company of the Year award.

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