Quadrant Security Group meets Olympic CCTV challenge


West Midlands Police take integrated approach to security

Quadrant Security Group (QSG) has worked with West Midlands Police to upgrade and integrate key security systems that enable the UK’s second largest police force to closely monitor high impact events, including football matches taking place at the Ricoh Arena as part of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

With a capacity of over 32,000, The Ricoh Arena attracts huge crowds for some of the largest concerts, exhibitions and sporting events in the UK, and is one of only five venues that were selected to host London 2012 Olympic Football matches.

With such high profile events taking place, security systems integration to allow quick, accurate access to CCTV footage is a top priority for West Midlands Police.

QSG was selected as an integration partner to specify, install and integrate a surveillance and ANPR system enabling footage from key locations surrounding the Ricoh Arena to be viewed and controlled from various control centres across the force area.

Bespoke cabinet based columns housing CCTV and ANPR cameras, located at key viewpoint locations surrounding the Arena, transmit encoded data via Wave Sprint transmission links back to collection points which in turn feed decoded analogue video data back to police control centres. The system also enables ANPR data to be fed directly into West Midlands Police’s BOF (Back Office Facility) enabling instant access for any authorised user from the force.

Another key aspect of QSG’s work on the project was the installation and integration of control workstations at a dedicated events control suite. Two Synectics Synergy workstations, a 19 inch touch screen control monitor and 19 inch Neovo TFT Spot Monitors were among the technologies installed by QSG and connected remotely to the main Synergy CCTV system.

Police users are able to view cameras in real time, including the newly installed Ricoh Arena system, facilitating immediate data capture, evidence collation and rapid response as required. With large events, such as the Olympic football tournament matches, likely to result in dramatic increases in temporary population and traffic levels, the project will prove a valuable asset to West Midlands Police.

Nik Calvert, QSG project manager, commented: “The region’s leisure, retail and conference amenities, together with Premiership and Championship football teams, attract millions of people each year – around 170,000 motorists travel on West Midlands roads each and every day!

“Add to that an event that attracts global visitors in vast numbers and it is clear to see why integrated CCTV monitoring and control is so important to West Midlands Police.

“Having worked with the force in the past and built up trust as an integration partner, we were well positioned to help the force meet its objectives for improved CCTV, ANPR and event surveillance.”



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