Raising the Bar on Workplace Safety

Compliance with OSHA and industry safety standards should not be the ultimate goal for an organisation; it should be the baseline, say workplace safety experts Ken Chapman and Tony Orlowski from Safepath Solutions.

In their new book, Safety Beyond the Numbers: A Path to Principled Leadership, Chapman and Orlowski address the “what now?” question when a company has a robust safety compliance program but is still experiencing serious injuries.

“We have come a long way in organisational safety. Fewer people are injured at work today than ever before. But safety is a job that is never ‘done,’” the authors write in the book’s introduction. “What is good in safety should be viewed through the lens of what can become even better.”

In Safety Beyond the Numbers, the authors introduce readers to the next step beyond compliance: ownership.

“Good leaders who lead good organisations adhere to both OSHA and industry standards. But that is just the foundation,” Chapman said. “They also own their moral responsibility to ensure safe outcomes, and likewise require all team members to be worthy partners in keeping themselves and the people they work beside safe. Building an ownership culture on the foundation of compliance is the essential component that drives outstanding safety results.”

Companies continue to invest a great deal of time, effort and money in newer equipment, smart controls that make good decisions, and advanced technologies to track and analyse compliance efforts, the authors explain. But these same companies spend relatively little time focusing on a component that has remain unchanged for thousands of years: human nature.

“Responsible human interaction and meaningful engagement with your people is as important to safety as technological advancement,” Orlowski added.

Safety Beyond the Numbers provides a clear path toward implementing ownership principles for leaders who see safety as more than a mandated priority. It is for leaders who view the well-being of their people as critical to the business, a prerequisite of doing business and a moral obligation.

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