Raytec’s LED lighting saves money for Dutch golfing park

Raytec lights Efteling Golf Park
Raytec lights Efteling Golf Park

The latest LED lighting technology from Raytec has been chosen to illuminate the Efteling Golf Park, Holland. It has proven to be the perfect energy and cost saving solution for the golf park, while still delivering the high level of visibility needed for players to enjoy using the driving range at night.

The challenge was to provide a good spread of light so that players could follow the flight of the ball at distances of up to 260 metres. In a project undertaken by Itsme Lighting Technology, the driving range at the Efteling Golf Park in Koatsheuval has been illuminated using a number of Raytec’s RAYLUX 300 White-Light units.

Working closely with Raytec’s lighting design team, Itsme were able use photometric data provided by Raytec to calculate the exact beam patterns and number of units needed to illuminate the area. They needed a light spread which was high enough, wide enough and long enough, with a uniformity of illumination across the entire scene.

With even output illumination, and angle options of 10, 30, 50 and 120 degrees, Itsme were able to use a combination of illuminators on each pole along the driving range to achieve the desired result. A 10 degree light fitting was used to give the longest possible beam spread, as well as both 50 and 120 degree units to give the desired width and height. “We chose the Raytec illuminators because the excellent choice of lenses provided all the flexibility we needed to create the park’s new lighting solution,” says Marcel Hollanders, Lighting Engineer for Itsme.

The Raytec LED illuminators delivered a significantly lower power consumption and longer life span in comparison to the alternative metal halide solution which was presented to the park by another provider. The Raytec units in total consume only 1800 W and provide a long 10 year life, where as the metal halide technology would consume around 30,000 W with a much shorter life span of just 2 years.

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