RSA unveil new identity solution to combat threats to business security

RSA, The Security Division of EMC, recently unveiled its RSA SecurID Suite, which is a comprehensive identity solution that combines the separate disciplines of access, governance, lifecycle and identity assurance, working together in harmony.  As a result, organisations can leverage one platform for strong control and visibility, mitigating security and identity risk and enabling business productivity.
The RSA SecurID Suite includes RSA SecurID Access, including the traditional RSA SecurID two-factor authenticators, RSA® Identity Governance and RSA® Identity Lifecycle. It is designed to provide identity governance and management capabilities for regular or privileged users across the identity lifecycle. It also helps solve identity-related challenges by providing secure and convenient access controls, including multifactor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) to ensure that users are who they say they are. In addition, the Suite gives organisations insights and tools to comply with regulations and organisational policies, and streamline user access request and delivery to reduce identity-related risk and minimise the friction that users face.
As an integral part of the RSA SecurID Suite, RSA SecurID Access now offers next-generation identity assurance and additional multifactor authentication to any resource on-premise or in the cloud. By providing information around application sensitivity and user attributes to drive context-based identity assurance, RSA SecurID Access offers the most actionable insights into identities and access so administrators can make informed choices.
With RSA SecurID Access users are able to select from a broad range of next-generation mobile-based authentication methods such as EyePrint ID™ technology, TouchID® fingerprint identity sensor verification and tap or shake so that administrators ensure strong authentication while providing convenience for their users. Additionally, users can leverage traditional RSA SecurID hardware and software tokens that access a full range of applications and resources, and the RSA SecurID Suite is also engineered to support FIDO based authenticators. By offering a wide range of authentication methods, organisations are enabled to control access based context or risk.
RSA SecurID Access customers can protect any resource on-premise or in the cloud. With context-based identity assurance, business stakeholders and security teams can align access policies with their business agility needs and risk profile.

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