Security is key with CLIQ technology from ASSA ABLOY

The world presents an array of threats to any site’s security. An employee could copy a key without authorisation. A contractor might lose their keys over a weekend. A power outage can temporarily compromise a building management system. Or a data centre may experience an unwanted breach of its physical security. These are all clear and present risks to any secure premises. Yet all these risks can be minimised. All it takes is CLIQ® technology from ASSA ABLOY.
CLIQ® is a mechatronic locking system which combines high-end mechanical and electronic security in a broad range of key-operated cylinders. Physical security is maximised with a range of tamper-resistant mechanical cylinders. CLIQ® technology adds an extra layer of encrypted electronic security on top.
CLIQ® locking cylinders can protect more than just doors. The cylinder range include locks for gates, cabinets, cupboards, elevators, machines, gates and many outdoor areas. Hardened steel padlocks with high IP ratings are designed to work outdoors in the harshest climate conditions. CLIQ® is already proven in locations where security is paramount, including public utility providers, hospitals, universities and retail complexes.
At Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust, CLIQ® locks protect drug and medicine cabinets. “I would recommend that all other Trusts think about implementing a trial of this system and see for themselves the benefits it can have,” says Mike Urwin, Scunthorpe Hospital’s Clinical Director of Pharmacy and Medicine Management.
In any setting, every CLIQ® key and cylinder is programmable by a system administrator using the CLIQ® software. This intuitive software supports efficient workflow management by making it simple to manage access rights, enable and disable keys and customise access schedules, on site or on-the-go using several kinds of programming devices
Lost keys are quickly and simply de-authorised by a system administrator. In the words of Mats Fagerström, Chief Security Officer at another CLIQ® customer, Helsingin Energia: “If someone goes out on a Saturday night and loses the key, it is not a risk to us anymore.”
“The CLIQ® system sped up our operations and made sure we could be confident about the security of our properties,” says Dave Richmond, Director of Housing, Asset Management and Neighbourhoods at Rotherham Council, where CLIQ® locks secure vacant public housing between tenancies. “CLIQ® has enabled us to have more control over our keys.”
Fine-grained permission schedules and audit-trails, right down to the individual door or locking point, can be set for every employee or contractor. Every key can be programmed to permit entry only at pre-set times—during working hours from Monday to Friday, perhaps, or after hours for cleaning staff, or for whatever fixed timescale a contractor has agreed to complete a job.
CLIQ® technology also reduces operating costs, due to its easy, wire-free installation. Power supply to operate the microelectronics inside a CLIQ® cylinder comes from a standard lithium-ion battery inside the CLIQ® key.
“We were looking to solve key management issues,” explains Craig Allen, security centre manager at Festival Place, a UK retail complex where installing CLIQ® mechatronic cylinders has drastically cut the burden key management was placing on site security staff. “CLIQ® enabled us to have more control. We now have plans to phase out mechanical keys altogether, replacing them with CLIQ® within two years.”
CLIQ® security can be added as a new installation or retro-fitted to existing mechanical locks. ASSA ABLOY sells and supports CLIQ® locking technology worldwide under several brands, including IKON, ABLOY, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA, VACHETTE and KESO.

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