Showsec introduce new incident response team training with Maybo

Roy Wise
Roy Wise

Showsec has introduced a new physical intervention training module for its Incident Response Teams, developed in partnership with leaders in conflict management training Maybo.

Event and venue security specialist Showsec was looking to offer additional training to its SIA licensed door supervisors in prevention of violence in crowd situations and disengagement and ejection techniques; over and above mandatory industry expectations.

Roy Wise, training and development manager at Showsec, said: “Physical intervention and working to prevent these situations from occurring is one of the most challenging parts of a security professionals’ role. We wanted to ensure our staff had access to the highest possible levels of training. We researched options but found nothing suitable for the live events and venues we work at.

“We were approached by Maybo who were looking for a partner to develop a very similar training module. They wanted a security company who could work closely with them and provide feedback to develop a course with relevant content. Having worked with Bill Fox and the Maybo team in the past we knew it would be a good fit and that they would be able to create a truly bespoke course specifically aimed at the roles undertaken by our staff.”

The training course developed helps response teams recognise factors that influence risks of violence in crowd situations and includes practical methods for dealing with incursions, moving through crowds, escorting VIPs and vulnerable persons, dealing with challenging behaviour and performing safer ejections. It also teaches positive communication, calming skills and duty of care which are continually reinforced and demonstrated throughout the module.

Eight members of the Showsec team received the training and the company is rolling it out to all of its Incident Response Teams across the next twelve months.

Bill Fox, Maybo chairman, said: “Maybo recognised the gap nationally for incident response team training and was keen to get specialist input from the start from Showsec to make sure it responded directly to the needs of this challenging role.”


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