Social Media – the latest challenge to Aviation Security addressed by Transport Security Expo 2015


Transport Security Expo to address the full range of Aviation Security issues
 2-3 December 2015 / Olympia London

Aviation is one of the highest priorities on the security agenda with airports and airlines a key target for terrorists. But the tactics adopted by those with malicious intent are constantly changing. As Francis Morgan, Director of Policy, Heathrow Airport, has said: “Devising security strategies for aviation businesses becomes ever more complex. Every business involved in this industry needs to consider the numerous threats in the round and develop a strategy that covers not only their aviation activities, but their systems, their commercial information, their intellectual property and their people.”

One of the new developments changing the landscape, for example, is the use of social media. In the words of Andy Blackwell, Head of Corporate Security, Virgin Atlantic: “Within aviation, it’s not just the genuine threats to people and planes that you have to worry about but all the hoaxes, many of which are designed to cause economic damage. Social media, because of the speed of communication, has changed how we receive threats and in many respects how we manage them. These are new areas and you have to develop ways to differentiate between the hoax and the real thing.”

Through its exhibition, conferences and security innovation seminars, Transport Security Expo will be covering the full range of aviation security issues – from the very latest technological developments to the application of human skills such as Behavioural Detection, from the coordination of international regulatory standards to biohazards to the screening of passengers and cargo.

Aviation is Transport Security Expo’s longest-established sector, attracting the world’s leading airports and airlines as well as freight and cargo handlers. In 2014 over £8.6m of procurement was brought to the Expo from the following visitors alone: Research and Development Manager, Heathrow Airport; Operational Manager Airport Security, Rotterdam The Hague Airport; Director of Safety and Security, British Airways; Emirates Group Security Divisional Vice President; UK Border Force National Scanner Manager; and CityJet’s Head of Security.

Supporting the exhibition will be the conference programme, designed in close collaboration with an expert Advisory Board to maximise engagement between Government, Industry and Academia. Open to everyone to attend, free of charge, on a first-come, first-served basis, the sessions will feature some of the most renowned opinion leaders in the industry.

Peter Jones, CEO, Nineteen Events, organisers of Transport Security Expo, commented: “For anyone involved in aviation security, Transport Security Expo 2015 will be a must-attend event. Exhibitors are already signing up and, by booking early, enjoying the opportunity to work with us to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the show.”

In addition to Aviation Security, other sectors at Transport Security Expo will include Maritime Security, Rail Security, Major Events Transport Security, Secure Transportation and Border Security.

Companies interested in exhibiting at Transport Security Expo should visit or contact Monika Luis on +44 (0)208 947 9177.

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