Streit announce their intention to open a new office in London


Streit Group – the world’s largest privately-owned vehicle armouring company – will be announcing at Counter Terror Expo 2012 its intention to open a new office in London, this month (April), to act as a hub for its marketing and sales operations in the UK and the wider European market.

The office, situated on London’s Victoria Street will initially have three staff, giving Streit Group an invaluable presence to drive the company’s planned expansion in the region. This move makes strategic sense for Streit Group given that it already sells a large number of customised armoured and up-armoured vehicles to companies headquartered in Europe, although currently these vehicles tend to be for deployment in hotspots outside of the region. The focus, moving forward, will be for the company to look beyond this to compete directly for European specific military, policing, private security and cash-in-transit business that will hopefully see Streit Group’s advanced armoured solutions operating on the ground across the region in the very near future.

Traditionally, Streit Group’s core focus has been away from Europe. For instance the vehicle armouring company, whose roots are in the competitive North America market, has become a leading player in other key geographic areas such as the Middle East and Africa in a relatively short space of time. It is hoped that a similar level of success can be accomplished in the UK and Europe. A strong push for the London office, early on, will be to secure military vehicle contracts. This is a sector which, globally, Streit Group has moved into in a major way over the past two years. A fact underlined by the bringing to market of a number of APC platforms such as the Spartan, Cobra, Cougar and the large MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Typhoon.

Said Guerman Goutorov, Chairman of Streit Group: “We see the opening of a London office as an important stepping stone which gives us an invaluable face-to-face presence in the UK and European marketplace. Now we will be able to more readily discuss the requirements of prospective customers locally and also, crucially, gain a better understanding of the trends in what we see as a pivotal region for future expansion.

“Certainly this is a mature market where a high level of vehicle protection is expected as standard, however we believe we are well equipped to deliver armouring on a par with, if not beyond, traditional suppliers thanks to our field-proven experience in major conflict zones, extensive R&D base, while maintaining an extremely competitive price point. Given the scale of the capabilities that Streit Group now has in place worldwide, with the recent opening of our largest facility yet in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which ramps up production capacity to an unprecedented level of 520 vehicles per month, we are geared up to rapidly fulfil orders for potential European buyers, whatever their specific requirements.”


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