Streit Group showcase armoured vehicles at Counter Terror Expo

Streit armoured vehicle
Streit armoured vehicle

Streit Group – the world’s largest privately-owned vehicle armouring company – is planning to spotlight its fast expanding range of up-armoured and armoured vehicles for personal protection, specialised transport and patrol, on stand I-19 during this year’s Counter Terror Expo event at Olympia, London. This will be the first time that Streit Group has exhibited at the event and reflects the growing strength and ambition of the business.

A sign of the way that Streit Group has transformed itself to become a major player in the armoured vehicle field, is the fact that the company now operates nine major production plants in locations from South Carolina in the USA to a massive new facility in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – believed to be the largest armoured vehicle facility of its kind. Streit Group’s extensive manufacturing base is also supplemented by a network of nine satellite offices, the latest of which has just opened in London to service the UK and mainland Europe.

The major focus for Streit Group, during Counter Terror Expo, will undoubtedly be the up-armoured solutions it is targeting at the private security sector and government agencies who are seeking to ensure the safety of their VIPs whilst on the move, especially when faced with a heightened terrorist threat. Alongside this, Streit Group will be taking the opportunity provided by the exhibition to stress the benefits of its latest range of Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), which the company believes are ideally suited to the off-road challenges of border protection and other mission-critical anti-terrorism duties.

In addition, Streit Group is backing the prestigious CTSS (Counter Terrorism and Specialist Security) Awards, which are being run in parallel to the Counter Terror Expo event, through its sponsorship of the Armoured Vehicle,  Support Vehicle and Emergency Vehicle of the Year category.

Looking in more detail at the armoured vehicles that visitors can expect to see on Streit Group’s stand throughout Counter Terror Expo, the Spartan APC, introduced late last year, is proving to be an extremely attractive option for military (Ministry of Defence), Ministry of Interior and law enforcement customers. This multi-functional Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV), was created to bring together effective protection against ballistic assault, light mines and grenade blast scenarios, with a Streit developed body on an extremely manoeuvrable Ford F550 platform and 4×4 on demand.

Alongside the Spartan, a number of other vehicles for Streit Group are to be shown at Counter Terror Expo including personal protection, luxury, SUVs that are able to transport their important passengers in comfort and safety. One example that will be on stand is the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series. The Toyota’s outstanding reliability, and ability to move passengers securely over the most challenging of terrain, makes it an ideal solution for Streit Group to up-armour and offer to customers who need a vehicle solution to cope with extremely remote and inaccessible locations.

Said Guerman Goutorov, Chairman of Streit Group: “We are excited to be able to demonstrate our leading edge armoured vehicle capabilities at Counter Terror Expo 2012 in what is a landmark year for us as we ramp up our production capacity and open new offices around the globe. When it comes to the counter terror arena, our success to date has been built very much on the ability to tailor vehicle solutions in line with the real challenges that customers face on the ground, carefully balancing the pressing need for a high level of protection with other considerations like mobility. Certainly it is critical that should the occupants of a vehicle be attacked they are not just safe from ballistic and other threats but, crucially, they can be driven out of harm’s way. With this in mind at Streit Group we place a strong emphasis on research and development, a focus which ensures that we are well placed to implement the lessons learnt from the thousands of vehicles our customers have deployed in the most testing of conflict zones over the past 20 years.”



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