Upon 24/7 surveillance scenes to capture every critical moment, without video loss, becoming more crucial to the business, Detection Video Analytics act as inevitable tools to detect moving objects in a video or avoid cameras damage to stop recording. Surveon Detection Video Analytics Solutions provide two ways of detection, including “Video Detection” and “Self Detection”.
For continuous monitoring the video clips in real time, partners can choose the Video Detection – such as Object Motion Detection. To avoid any damage or external changes on the camera, partners can adopt Self Detection – like Camera Tampering Detection to notify himself to fix the camera when any obstruction on it.
More Accurate Object Detection
The accuracy of detection is usually low when the background of the scene is cluttered, contains subtle motions, or has high lighting contrast – such as in the snowing and fogging environments. Surveon Detection Video Analytics can handle all above unfavorable situations and give security staff accurate alarm.
Smarter Object Identification
It is hard for most video analytics to accurately identify the object which continuously joints and separates with others. Surveon Detection Video Analytics not only can easily identify every bustling object but also give alarm when the object lingers in the forbidden zone for certain duration, providing smarter way to monitor the scenes that need special attention – such as railway platform.
Without paying for extra license fee, most Surveon NVR Series are built-in Surveon Detection Video Analytics.

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