Surveon enhances environment security with detection video analytics

Upon 24/7 surveillance scenes to capture every critical moment, without video loss, becoming more crucial to the business, Detection Video Analytics act as inevitable tools to detect moving objects in a video or avoid cameras damage to stop recording. Surveon Detection Video Analytics Solutions provide two ways of detection, including “Video Detection” and “Self Detection”. For continuous monitoring the video clips in real time, partners can choose the Video Detection

Surveon the best price-performance NVR7800 protected the multinational hypermarkets in South America

Security is always one of the top concerns for any stores, especially for multinational hypermarkets, and IP surveillance is becoming the norm in the retail sector. The multinational hypermarket in South America has adopted 70 Surveon NVR7816, which was designed as a recording server with an archiving function that offers cost advantages and easy maintenance. Besides, NVR7816 ensures high video image quality with high throughput capability, providing a safe environment

Surveon SPhone app to facilitate remote monitoring

Along with the vibrant application of mobile devices in our daily life, this adoption is also applied extensively in the surveillance industry. To realise 24/7 monitoring with mobility, Surveon offers SPhone, the monitoring APP for both iOS and Android platforms, turning smart phone as an instant access to users’ surveillance videos. Without having to sit in front of monitors at all time, SPhone client offers security staff a quick check

Surveon offers enhanced security solution to school and university campuses

As traditional CCTV solutions were no longer able to meet the needs for long hour storage with high quality images, authorities started looking for an advanced surveillance solutions, such as megapixel quality image and alert notification system to tighten up campus security. Surveon provides education solutions with product lines including high-resolution cameras with extremely low RMA rate, NVRs with premium-grade RAID function as well as feature-rich CMS with multiple accesses from

Surveon provide surveillance system to Hong Kong airline catering provider

Surveon is pleased to announce the worldwide service provider for airline catering and provisioning has adopted Surveon’s IP surveillance solutions as their partner for security application. With Surveon’s comprehensive surveillance product lines, including high-resolution network cameras, professional megapixel recorders and enterprise-level video management software, the service provider can easily monitor important working areas at any time to make sure their service can be delivered on time with top quality. With

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