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1 in 4 parents’ online security compromised by children’s actions

1 in 4 parents’ online security compromised by children’s actions

Dealing with online risks is a family affair; recent global research from Norton found that nearly all parents (89%) in the UK worry about their children’s safety online – in particular that they will give too much information out to strangers (44%) and that their online actions will have repercussions for the entire family (36%).

Password protection: Two-factor authentication is vital to secure access

Passwords have long been used by enterprises to permit secure access to vital applications, data, systems and networks. This tired-and-tested form of authentication is still widely deployed as the first line of defense, protecting sensitive corporate data and applications from external threats. However, in today’s world, as the dependence on information technology grows exponentially, many corporations are now struggling to manage and store passwords securely for their employees.

One year of Windows 8: A comprehensive security review

Microsoft Windows 8 was launched in the Middle East in mid-November 2012 and now, almost a year down the line, we at ESET® thought it would be a good time to review where things stand with the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. In terms of uptake, Windows 8′s 10-month user share was larger than Vista’s, but was far behind Windows 7′s at the same point in the latter’s roll-out. This is perhaps due more to Windows 7’s widespread adoption compared to the comparatively unpopular Windows Vista. In the meantime, Windows 8 continues to slowly grow its presence, especially as more touch-screen-capable devices arrive in the marketplace.