Thousands attracted to the River of Light Festival


The River of Light Festival returned to Merseyside for the fourth time and the dazzling display was a huge hit with the tens of thousands of spectators who packed in either side of the river.

The fireworks began at 6.30pm and lasted for 15 minutes with the finale achieving a huge cheer from the crowds and marked another successful event with people in good spirits as they headed home.

Liverpool Council required a temporary, pedestrian permeable certified Vehicle Mitigation Barrier and Crowdguard utilised ATG Surface Guard as the perfect solution. Surface Guard allowed a free flow of pedestrians throughout the evening with zero impact on flow rates. It was estimated that the event attracted some 40,000 spectators. The pedestrian permeability of the product ensured that access was freely given to people, wheelchair users and those with small children and pushchairs as well as those turning up to the event on bicycles.


Due to the large crowds the event attracted, the H.V.M. solution needed to ensure that the penetration distance in the case of impact from a hostile vehicle would be minimum. Surface Guard proudly achieves a penetration distance of less than five metres which is the least of any temporary HVM product currently on the market.

The solution needed to work around existing street furniture, road cambers and different pavements levels which is not a problem for Surface Guard due to its modularity. There was also a need for an emergency vehicle access point. This was manned for the duration of the event by the competent members of the Crowdguard team ensuring that all procedures for vehicle entry were fully enforced.


Liverpool Council requested that the area around the waterfront be secured from any entry of vehicles. This required 80 meters of certified HVM solution over three positions. Crowdguard utilise Ainscough Industrial Services a specialist equipment moving company with a dedicated team of qualified and suitably trained installers. The team all worked incredibly well and it was commented by event organisers, security officers and the general public, how efficient and easy the team made the installation look.

Crowdguard arrived for midday at the event with its own Ainscough Industrial Services fleet of transport and dedicated team to safely deploy the HVM over three main location at the waterfront.

We received so much positive feedback, one event goer, Jamie,  saying “this is brilliant and a much needed addition to the security at these types of events,  it makes me feel so much safer to be here with my family knowing that a vehicle cannot gain access to the crowds”  When asked would he like to see Surface Guard deployed at more events Jamie commented “Yes it looks great, doesn’t feel threatening and now I know what it is I’d like to see it at every event in the future, it definitely makes me feel safer knowing it’s there.”

Deborah Ainscough Operations Director for Crowdguard, said: “I feel so proud of our team this weekend. So many interested members of the public saying how much safer they felt knowing that we were providing this protection. Well done to forward thinking Liverpool City Council and Culture Liverpool for utilising this award-winning solution and prioritising the safety of their event attendees.”


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