Tips for securing homes as burglary rates rise

As the UK hits another recession, more and more people are struggling to pay for food, heating and water. According to Google trends, searches for ‘food banks near me’ have risen 7000% since last Christmas and ‘help with heating’ searches have risen by 880%. People are clearly struggling – but what does this mean for crime rates?

Glenn Amato, Managing Director at ADT UK&I Subscriber, said, “Recession and violent crime do not go hand in hand, but we can expect to see a rise in burglary and theft over the coming months.

“During the great recession in 2008, UK police forces reported rising instances of robbery, burglary and motor vehicle theft. During the recession, thefts increased by 25% and burglaries by 4%¹.

“This rise in thefts could also be seen during the 1990 recession and 1980², as well as an increase in fraud. So, as the country prepares for the longest recession since records began heading into 2023, it is important to equip your house to warn off any potential burglars.”

Check your windows and doors

Security flaws in your property could include things like unsecured windows, garage doors and hidden keys. Ahead of the winter months, double-check that the locks are working on both your windows and your doors.

The door for your pet is also more likely to assist an intruder if it is too big, so make sure you keep its size to the minimum required for your pet to enter and install a lock for further protection. In addition, simply never keep your key in a secret place outside. While convenient, this way of storing a key poses a significant risk.

Outdoor lighting 

Check that your outdoor lighting is in working order. If any of your outdoor lights are not working properly, this is the time to fix them – having the areas outside of your property well-lit makes it a lot harder for burglars to get in discreetly, thus making your house to be a less likely target.

Light up your home 

Smart plugs can be used like a traditional timer switch, but you can stagger the times they come on and you can operate the lights in your home remotely, no matter where you are. Also, your video doorbell and camera devices work in collaboration with smart plugs so when they detect motion outside, the system can switch on lights.

Keep valuables in a safe place 

If possible, move the most valuable items in your home to a more secure place, such as a safe. Remember that safe boxes can be lifted and carried out, so ideally, your safe should be built into a wall. If you don’t have a safe or your items won’t fit, make sure you store them away so they can’t be seen through your window, as this might encourage burglars to try and break in. Burglars most frequently target the following items, so make sure these items aren’t on display in your home:

  • Cash
  • Electronics
  • Expensive jewellery and watches
  • Designer fashion items

Secure your home with an alarm and cameras.

Consider investing in security cameras. Teamed with a good intruder alarm, security cameras make the chances of your home being broken into really slim. While it is perhaps the most obvious, it is also one of the most effective – a home security camera makes your home 30% less likely to be targeted by intruders.

Keep your car doors locked and valuables hidden 

Thieves are likely to try car doors and look for any quick wins such as cash, bags or any items of value stored in cars. It is in your best interest to take any items from your car and move them into your house. If you cannot take these items back to your house, hiding them from sight will stop thieves from being able to see them.

Video doorbells and cameras watching over your car can act as a deterrent to any possible thieves.

Do not neglect your garden 

Keep your garden in check – don’t forget that your garden is an extension of your property, and a garden can be seen as an easy target by burglars – more than half a million garden thefts are reported across Britain on a yearly basis, and this number has seen a surge this year. Remember to keep your gate shut at all times, and make sure to put your furniture and tools away.

Don’t forget to set your alarm 

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people with alarm systems forget or choose not to set their alarm when they go out. If you already have a home alarm system, remember to set it before leaving your home, even if you’re away for a few hours. But don’t worry, with an ADT home security system you can be sent arming reminders if you haven’t set the alarm.

Get a video doorbell

Video doorbells not only allow you to see and speak with whoever is at your front door, wherever you are, but they also act as the first line of defence as a visual deterrent, notifying you immediately when the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected.

Install lockable sash jammers

Often burglars use a crowbar to wedge the window mechanisms out of place and gain access to the targeted properties, therefore, sash jammers could represent a very effective security measure.

Rely on your furry friends

Dogs can also be an effective weapon against break-ins. Getting a sign that indicates that a dog is in the house, even if there’s no real dog, could discourage burglars from targeting your property.

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