Verint expands leadership with new customers adopting advanced fraud and security technologies

Verint expands leadership

Verint Systems Inc., The Customer Engagement Company, have announced innovative ways financial services organisations are expanding the adoption of advanced fraud reduction, video and analytics platforms. The company saw increased opportunities in the first half of the year from enterprises turning to its intelligent solutions to support fraud reduction and security operations.

As the financial industry evolves, the value of technology has expanded and become more impactful, with banks and credit unions leveraging the latest innovative tools to enhance operations. At the same time, the threats facing financial organisations have also continued to change. Banks and credit unions turn to Verint to identify the best ways to strengthen risk management across domains with technology that simplifies, automates, and modernises their fraud and safety programs.

“With Verint, we are well-positioned to identify fraudulent activity and enhance safety,” said Randy Bullock, assistant vice president of security, Origin Bank. “Verint understands the challenges we face daily and works to deliver solutions that allow us to reach our goals,” he said. “We look forward to continuing to work with Verint as we envision the next evolution of our business and our security program.”

With more than 2,300 banking customers across the Americas, Verint’s suite of advanced technology solutions is proven to meet growing customer requirements for actionable intelligence, fraud detection and compliance.

“Verint is known for providing quality solutions and services to the banking segment, and its proven expertise in this market stood out when we were evaluating vendors,” said Amie Reilly, the security/BSA compliance officer, Visions Federal Credit Union. “We researched a wide variety of vendors during our evaluation process, and we knew we were getting a higher quality from Verint.”

A Focus on Cyber Protection
Verint is also leveraging key relationships to provide the highest level of cybersecurity. The company is collaborating with Seagate to enhance customer privacy and secure critical data from potential IT threats. The addition of Seagate’s self-encrypting drives (SEDs) creates a secure infrastructure that maximises the safety of video and security intelligence by encrypting the video data at rest. Integrated encryption hardware helps ensure that there is no performance impact on the system.

“The adoption of intelligent security and fraud detection systems substantially improves the customer experience as well as decreases crime and fraud reduction efforts for banks,” said Valorie Windsor, director of alliances, Seagate. “As video becomes more valuable, the amount of time video needs to be stored increases dramatically. To accommodate this shift in data aggregation, banks must deploy robust storage devices at every level of the data workflow. When powered by Seagate SEDs, these video solutions also ensure that the data providing key insights is securely stored.”

Technology Advancements
Verint continues to further its commitment in banking market with the addition of Verint Video Investigator™, a robust software platform that augments the ability to identify security threats in near real-time, helping security personnel mitigate risk, ensure operational compliance, and improve fraud investigations.

“Providing a rich suite of open, scalable solutions enables banks to capture the insights needed to realise stronger fraud reduction and higher levels of safety,” says Verint’s Matt Tengwall, vice president and general manager, fraud and security solutions. “Verint is committed to providing technology and services to enable banks and credit unions to modernise their security and fraud programs and stay one step ahead of emerging risks.”

To learn more about Verint’s robust portfolio of solutions and services for the financial services sector, visit the company at booth #1803 at the Global Security Exchange (GSX) Conference and Expo by ASIS International in Chicago, September 10-12.

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