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Astrophysics explores how their innovative x-ray technology and machinery is the ideal solution for protecting infrastructure, transportation, people and assets 

Astrophysics is more than an x-ray security company – we are innovators. Since 2002, our passion for R&D has led us to develop the industry’s best-in-class imaging. We deliver the ultimate x-ray screening solutions, having deployed more than 35,000 systems in over 150 countries that identify hidden threats and safeguard communities. Our commitment to our mission is why millions around the world trust us to keep them safe today, tomorrow, and always.  

Astrophysics Founder & CEO: François Zayek 

An engineer, business leader and visionary, François Zayek is globally recognized as a prominent expert in x-ray technology. At the forefront of medical and security screening technologies since the industry’s earliest days, his over thirty-five year career has been dedicated solely to x-ray imaging R&D. He emerged as a security leader and innovator, winning recognition, grants and awards from peers and government agencies for his numerous x-ray screening advancements. François founded Astrophysics, Inc. in 2002 after recognizing a gap in x-ray security technology. As a non-traditional CEO, his engineering expertise has guided the company’s culture and commitment to developing innovative screening solutions.  

Born and raised in Lebanon, François immigrated to the U.S. where he received his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering. He established a career as the foremost authority in x-ray technology, and then set out to pursue his version of the American dream by founding and growing his own business.  In 2015, he was honored with the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor, awarded to individuals who embody and uphold America’s ideals, and whose past recipients include U.S. Presidents, world leaders and Nobel Prize winners. François exemplifies the success of the American dream and his character, passion for R&D and drive for excellence continue to define the Astrophysics culture. 

Legacy of Firsts  

 Astrophysics has emerged as a security industry leader because of our advanced technology, much of which has now become standard on all x-ray scanners. We pioneered 6- and 8-Color Imaging, helping screeners easily distinguish the material composition of potential threats. Our revolutionary Enhanced ImagingTM (EI) software performs post-processing functions on x-ray scans that produce clear and precise images for review. Our launch of Real-Time Diagnostics set new industry standards for service delivery. We also introduced revolutionary new products, including the Multi-View CTTM and VI3DTM multi-view systems, along with the first Online Service Management System (OSMS), an exclusive platform that enables customers to access service support, product and claims management. 

The Astrophysics Advantage 

At Astrophysics, our mission is to engineer a safer tomorrow. We achieve this by following the key pillars that make up our Astrophysics Advantage. First, Astrophysics advances x-ray security by developing industry-leading technology to identify hidden threats and help protect critical infrastructure, transportation, and trade. Second is our comprehensive, world-class customer experience that delivers our personal service touch to our global partners. Finally, our focus on R&D ensures we push boundaries, delivering the industry’s best integrated x-ray scanners and leading the way in customized systems built for each customer’s security mission.  

The Astrophysics Advantage is recognized around the world, providing superior imaging technology, relentless innovation, and quality customer service. In 2020, the U.S. Department of Commerce granted Astrophysics the prestigious Presidential “E” Award for Exports, the highest recognition any U.S. company can receive for excellence in the expansion of domestic exports. We are 1 of only 39 companies across all U.S. industries to receive this incredible accolade.  


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