Xtralis ADPRO detectors reduces false alarm rates at DFS


External PIRs dramatically reduce false alarms and enhance central station operational efficiency

Problems of false alarms with the potential to compromise security at DFS, the sofas and furniture business, have been overcome by Chubb Fire & Security with the installation of highly reliable ADPRO PRO45H external PIR detectors from Xtralis.

Nuisance alarms that were running at a rate of 70 or 80 a week have now been reduced to single figures, thus dramatically enhancing the integrity of security on site and the trust that Chubb’s CCTV operators have within its remote video response centre (RVRC) that any future alarm activation may be ‘genuine’.

Colin Walters, General Manager at Chubb, says that the location of the site on an industrial estate neighbouring fields and farmland was proving a challenge: “The initial detectors installed were causing concern and the number of false alarms being generated was unacceptable,” he says.

“We decided instead to trial a different detector, the ADPRO PRO Series, and the results have been remarkable. On a site such as this, with the issues of foxes and other wildlife as well as climactic conditions, no detector is ever going to be perfect, but the performance of the PRO detectors has been remarkable.”

Built on more than 25 years of experience in advanced security detection, the new Xtralis ADPRO PRO detectors are suited to a wide range of perimeter protection applications, and are ideal for conditional triggering of CCTV, PTZ and dome cameras, as well as the triggering of video switchers and video transmission units for event-driven CCTV. They detect human targets by sensing temperature differences between them and the background. Due to the passive operation of the unit, the area being protected cannot be identified by the intruder, and the detectors are reliable in difficult conditions including low visibility, snow or fog.

Common to all models is the ability to adjust sensitivity to suit conditions, and adaptive threshold circuitry that introduces an intuitive scene learning capability to reduce the number of false (or nuisance) alarms caused by moving vegetation, small animals and sudden environmental changes. All detectors are contained within a weather-proof housing and protected against dust and moisture to ensure reliable operation even in the harshest conditions.

Common to all models also is the ability to integrate seamlessly with other ADPRO technologies which Colin has found to his advantage. As part of a total review of DFS’ security, Chubb also swapped out the existing ADPRO FastScan transmission technology that had been installed for more than a decade, and replaced it with the new generation ADPRO V3100 Hybrid transmitter/recorder.

“The speed of transmission times from the site to the central station have been considerably increased,” Colin adds, “and the flexibility is such that we can give the site manager remote access so that he can view alarm activations himself from his laptop should the need arise.”

The new ADPRO 3100 Hybrid is a single or multi-site network video and audio transmission and recording technology that monitors and transmits very high quality images (using H.264 compression) for operators within a central monitoring station to quickly assess and take the appropriate action. Suited to both IP and analogue CCTV remote monitoring applications, it also uses server-grade quality hard disks to locally store up to 8 Terrabytes of data ‘in the box’.

About Xtralis
Xtralis™ is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection of fire, gas and security threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses. Our solutions include VESDA® by Xtralis – high-sensitivity aspirating smoke detection, ICAM™ by Xtralis – flexible aspirating smoke detection, ADPRO® by Xtralis – perimeter, multi-site and enterprise security, and ASIM™ by Xtralis – traffic detection.


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