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The 6 technology trends affecting the security sector in 2021

It’s useful when looking forward to first look backward: hindsight has a wonderful way of providing context for future-gazing activity. And when looking back over the past year, one insight could understandably be that attempting to predict the future is a futile activity! Few would have predicted the enormous impact the COVID-19 pandemic would have across the world throughout 2020. Within a short space of time, our way of life,

Cyber Security

2020 in 20 cyber security figures

The pandemic of 2020 speeded up the digital transformation of many businesses and changed the way we work. Now 43% of the workforce work remotely at least some of the time and a global market for cloud computing reached a record $266.4 billion. The departing year saw an increase in criminal activity online, however the share of IT budgets dedicated to cybersecurity grew by  up to 29%. The ongoing change in remote working and

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The six big risks for 2021

International risk management and assistance expert, Healix International, has identified six key areas of risk – besides the continued impact of COVID-19 – for global organisations in its 2021 Risk Oracle report. Natural Disasters – The increasing frequency of extreme weather events with natural disasters becoming more pronounced both in terms of frequency and severity. Building resilience to natural disasters is a significant exercise. Faceless Threats – In a context of increased

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Perimeter Protection during a lockdown

With businesses closing around the world to protect citizens in a lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic, companies must also protect their commercial buildings and sites As we enter into the latter half of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic continues to plague the world, and further lockdown measures are sure to come into effect with infection and death rates on the rise.  Aside from the necessary contingencies that companies are having to


Smart homes, smart cities, smart technology

The word ‘smart’ has steadily become part of the norm within the industry and everyday life, but what exactly makes up the different aspects of the smart city? Smart Cities are cities which best use modern, integrated technology services and infrastructure in energy, transport and ICT to respond to the social and economic needs of society. Traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital and

Facial Recognition in a post-Covid world

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the way the world works and lives, and many organisations are already receiving the benefits of biometrics technology As the current COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the globe and dramatically alters society, governments and corporations are turning to novel uses of biometric technologies to limit contagion and maintain economic opportunities. Technologies that may have once seemed like the product of science fiction—such as thermal facial recognition,

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Interoperability and the future of security

Per Björkdahl, Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee provides the industry with his insight into how COVID-19 has impacted the industry and what further developments we can expect Security Buyer Features Editor, Rebecca Spayne, catches up with Per Björkdahl, Chairman, ONVIF Steering Committee, virtually to discuss the industry impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the future of technological trends through artificial intelligence, IoT and interoperability. How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the

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ASSA ABLOY: The future of access management

ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions recently launched Incedo platform-based access management solution that will meet the changing landscape. Stephanie Ordan discusses the security landscape for the future of access control. When you look at the access control market, what major forces do you see affecting it in the next few years? We are on the brink of significant change in access control. In fact, change beyond access control. It is becoming

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