Into the Cloud – Malcolm C. Smith

Malcolm C Smith Assis

Malcolm C. Smith, CPP, President of the 2022 Global Board of Directors for ASIS International 


What does ‘security’ mean to you? 

Helping people. The security industry and ASIS play an important role in advancing security worldwide. We serve the global needs. 

What risky thing have you done? How did it turn out? 

Joining the military in 1983 to fight the Bush War in Namibia and Angola. During that period, young white South Africans were mandated to serve two years of military service. As a person of colour, I was not obligated. But risking my life for a fight that was not really mine has paid off. 

How did you get into the security industry? 

My blend of qualifications is where it began before entering the military. I have since been in many roles. I was previously the Head of Global Security for a multinational oil company, and CEO of a private security company, and now I will be the first President from Africa in the 66-year history of ASIS.  

What do you see are the biggest trends? 

The global physical security market is projected to grow, and the Middle East will present abundant growth opportunities. I believe digitalisation is at the centre of industry trends. Cybersecurity risks will continue to rise, and we will see increased use of intelligent video technology, 5G technology for Ultra High Definition, integration of multiple security systems, cloud-based security systems, drones, robotics, AI and machine learning. 

What advice do you give to new folks in the industry?  

Keep reinventing yourself to stay relevant. 


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