Cobwebs Technologies opens London office

Cobwebs Technologies

Cobwebs provides intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies and corporate security teams with a high-powered and multi-functional machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) powered web intelligence and investigation platform.

Designed by intelligence experts with extensive operational experience, it rapidly identifies and locates malicious threat actors on the surface, deep and dark webs.

Jonathan Clayman, Country Manager of Cobwebs Technologies, said: “We’re excited about the opportunities for Cobwebs in England, where we can assist British law enforcement and intelligence agencies and companies to protect their businesses, people and assets. In high-risk situations, rapid access to accurate data is crucial. The challenge for many in the security and risk fields is figuring out how to best navigate through the surface, deep and dark webs to locate threat actors and discover the data needed to solve a crime. Cobwebs provides investigators with a multifunctional online intelligence and investigative tool that addresses this problem effectively.”

Investigators only need one small lead such as a name, photograph, keyword, hashtag, cryptocurrency wallet or social media account, to start the process. After they enter the term in the Cobwebs platform, with a click they initiate a rapid, deep search through open-source information located on all layers of the web and all social media platforms and blogs around the world. Working similarly to an Internet search engine, the platform finds information data that matches the search term requirements, then analyses and displays it on an intuitive user dashboard.

“While the system displays all collected data, it does not determine if the data is valid evidence. Rather it points users toward potential evidence and leaves it up to the investigators to determine if the information is relevant to the case they are working on and if it is, in fact, usable evidence,” explained Clayman. “Cobwebs also gives investigators the ability to identify who the threat actors are and how they are connected to other people in their group. They can obtain a deeper understanding of people who may be associated with the threat actor but not necessarily an active member of their group. They can identify new threats, proactively prevent incidents, and/or rule out irrelevant information.”

In any investigation time is always an issue. “Cobwebs significantly accelerates the investigative process without compromising accuracy. The platform cuts days, weeks and in some cases months, off a case,” said Clayman. “With this capability, investigators can identify perpetrators and prevent terror attacks, protecting infrastructure, businesses, and reputations.”

High-powered intelligence, natural language processing and fully automated online search capabilities make the Cobwebs platform ideal for delivering specific investigative components required by law enforcement, national security agencies, anti-terror units, immigration, cyber authorities and border control entities in the government sector. In the private sector, Cobwebs is suited for corporate security teams, financial services markets and security departments protecting Britain’s critical infrastructure.

In 2019, Frost & Sullivan presented Cobwebs Technologies with its Global Technology Innovation Award in the web intelligence market. Cobwebs has established offices in Singapore and New Delhi and recently opened an office in New York City.


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