Commend UK introduces new cost effective IP server


Commend UK, the Integrated Intercom solutions provider, is launching a new, cost-effective IP Intercom Server which uses its latest Intercom over IP (IoIP®) technology to deliver some of the highest speech quality available in the most challenging secure communications environments.

Part of the Intercom 2.0 portfolio, the new IS 300 server features high definition audio in 16 kHz such that the quality is the same whether in the next room or on the other side of the globe. It allows announcements over Public Address (PA) to be clear and crisp while additional filters eliminate echoes so that the voice signal is heard without disruption or interference.

Designed for small and medium sized applications, the IS 300 can be standalone or part of a larger Intercom solution. It can be used as a desktop unit, wall mounted or installed in a 19” rack with space for a second unit to the side.

Greg Gregoriou, Managing Director of Commend UK, says that the server interfaces seamlessly with all other Commend technology as well as most third party systems: “It is important that the new server meets an immediate need as well as being relevant in the future,” he says, “and that means our systems need to be practical, reliable and sustainable.

“The IS 300 may be small and compact, but it is incredibly powerful for its size, making it ideal for certain small and medium-sized IP systems. It is an excellent addition to our portfolio of server products and covers an important area of the market.”

The new smart design 1U height IS 300 means that there are no fans, replaceable cards, moving elements or wearing parts, so with less cleaning required and less likelihood of replacement parts being required, it is virtually maintenance-free. The server is also vibration proof, in accordance with IEC Standard 61373, making it an ideal solution for heavy traffic environments or industrial locations.

The IP unit is backward compatible to digital (2-wire) and analogue (4-wire) stations via converter units so sustainability is not compromised. The compact server is a full-featured Intercom 2.0 IP server with environmentally friendly power consumption making it a cost effective solution for the life of the system.

One IS 300 unit can have up to 64 IP subscribers but is scalable with a licence package designed to grow as the need grows. It has memory space for 128 message files to cover all possible scenarios, and memory for 450 seconds of pre-recorded messages in 16 kHz (or 900 seconds in 7 kHz).

“We feel the IS 300 is a very strong addition to the Commend range, allowing installers to introduce small systems to their customers with a cost effective plan for future expansion on the same platform.”


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