Dedicated Micros unveils new IP video products at ISC West 2011

Dedicated Micros Closed IPTV
Dedicated Micros Closed IPTV

CCTV specialist Dedicated Micros – part of AD Group – showed off its seamless hybrid and IP video capability at ISC West 2011 in Las Vegas. It also unveiled new IP video products which expand the game changing Closed IPTV, deterministic, safe and secure IP video series.

Highlights of the new patent pending Closed IPTV product lines include the entry-level EcoSense NVR (Network Video Recorder), hybrid SD Advanced NVR/DVR, layer 3 enhanced CCTV switch, and a series of ultra flexible IP cameras.

Focusing on the EcoSense NVR, this pure IP video product, which was first shown at IFSEC in the UK in May 2010 contains a built-in Dedicated Micros Layer 3 enhanced CCTV switch which provides safe and secure plug and play IP camera connection and recording, without any prior IP knowledge. Ecosense NVR overcomes the barriers in the way of traditional CCTV installers, who don’t have the resources to re-train their engineers to become IT experts, enabling the installation of IP video solutions and bringing the benefits of high definition video to entry level applications. The Ecosense NVR contains the critical security features demanded in 24 hour surveillance applications including alarm integration and remote transmission features lacking in other NVR products.

Moving on to the SD Advanced, hybrid NVR/DVR which, when coupled with the Layer3 enhanced CCTV switch, provides the perfect platform for legacy integration and completely secure, future expansion into IP video. The product supports up to 32 channels of IP video all of which all can be megapixel cameras and like other Dedicated Micros products creates a seamless analogue and IP video solution managed from a single user interface – a key aspect of Dedicated Micros products for at least the last five years.

Focusing on Dedicated Micros IP cameras, these comprise the CamVu Mini VR (Vandal Resistant) Dome, the CamVu Indoor Mini-Dome and CamVu box camera. Looking at these in turn, the CamVu Mini VR Dome combines High Definition image capture up to 2 mega pixel with a vandal resistant mini-dome housing, the potential – thanks to a built-in enterprise level video server – to support Integrated Camera Recording and Video Analytics plus wide-ranging network capabilities such as MultiMode Recording and Transcoding combined with both near side and off side storage capability. Closed IPTV compatibility also ensures that the Mini VR Mega-Pixel Dome can be set-up as a ‘Trusted Endpoint’ so protecting it from the dangers of hacking attack, especially when deployed in remote and vulnerable locations.

Turning to the CamVu Indoor Mini-Dome, this 2 Mega-Pixel Closed IPTV capable camera delivers comparable features to the Mini VR Dome, aside from the absence of an environmental and vandal resistant housing, which is not required for indoor deployment.

Said Pauline Norstrom, Director of Worldwide Marketing at Dedicated Micros: “We are delighted to showcase our very latest Closed IPTV surveillance products. The Mega-Pixel cameras we are unveiling tie-in very much with a growing demand for HD CCTV solutions, especially in high risk crime areas, where the combination of the detailed views provided by the cameras and optimized network security – with Closed IPTV – is proving to be an attractive proposition.

“At the entry level we see the EcoSense NVR as an ideal starting point for security integrators who are looking at robust, embedded networked CCTV solutions for the first time or want a solution with reduced set-up time and enhanced ease of use. The fact that the EcoSense NVR is part of the game changing Closed IPTV means that a completely secure network of video over IP products can be readily created, where IP cameras are automatically identified and configured by the NVR as a point to point relationship – just like an analogue system. Once configured, the closed IP network can be totally locked down by a number of automatic firewall provisions and ‘Trusted Endpoints’ established without the need for any network knowledge.”

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